Chapter 4. BPEL Processes with IBM WebSphere

In this chapter, we will look at how to develop BPEL processes in the IBM WhebSphere Integration Developer. We will also deploy and run the BPEL processes on the IBM WebSphere Process Server.

We will look at:

  • BPEL support in WebSphere
  • Long-running processes and microflows
  • BPEL extensions
  • Assembly diagram, bindings, imports, and exports
  • Business objects and interfaces
  • Deploying and running BPEL processes
  • Transaction boundaries
  • Using forEach and dynamic partner references and parallel<forEach>
  • Asynchronous calls, callbacks, and correlation
  • Fault handling
  • Compensation handling
  • Event handling
  • Data maps, including XML map and BO map
  • Qualifiers, including reliability qualifiers, activity session qualifiers, security qualifiers, ...

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