The property mediator

A property is a variable that stores some information during a time that depends on the scope it has configured.

Here's the syntax:

<property name="string" [action=set|remove] [type="string"] (value="literal" | expression="xpath") [scope=default|transport|axis2|axis2-client] [pattern="regex" [group="integer"]]>

We have three different types of properties:

  1. Static: Get a static value in the creation:
<property name="color" value="red" />
  1. Dynamic: Get a dynamic value:
    • From an xpath expression:
<property name="dynamic1" expression="//xpath"/>
    • From any other property:
<property name="dynamic2"                    expression="get-property('dynamic1')"/>  
  1. Action: Do an action with an existing property: ...

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