Part Three:

Client Reference Pages

This part of the guide provides UNIX-style “man-pages” for each of the standard X programs, as well as the mwm window manager. These pages are arranged alphabetically for ease of reference, and they contain detailed information (such as all options to a program) that is not covered in other parts of this guide.

Intro Introduction


Intro – overview of reference page format.


This section describes the command line syntax for invoking the client. Anything in bold type should be typed exactly as shown. Items in italics are parameters that should be replaced byactual values when you enter the command. Anything enclosed in brackets is optional.For example:

bitmap [options] filename

means to type the command bitmap followed by zero or more options from the list of options later on the reference page, followed by the name of the file containing the bitmap to be edited.


This section explains the operation of the client. In some cases, there are additional descriptive sections later on the reference page.


This section lists available ...

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