Displaying data within the Table View

In this recipe we will learn how to populate a Table View Control with some data.

Getting ready

Following on from our previous recipe, we will learn how to populate our UITableViewControl from our Core Data database model.

How to do it...

To begin, follow these simple steps as outlined in the following order:

  1. Open the BooksViewController.m implementation file from the Project Navigator window.
  2. Next, modify the implementation file as shown by the highlighted code sections.
    //  BooksViewController.m
    //  BooksLibrary
    //  Created by Steven F Daniel on 03/12/12.
    //  Copyright (c) 2012 GenieSoft Studios. All rights reserved.
    #import "BooksViewController.h"
    @implementation BooksViewController
    @synthesize fetchedResultsController; ...

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