Chapter 9. Log Management

Because dom0 is Linux-based, traditional Syslog is used to record information about the kernel, user space processes, virtualization process, as well as user access. With the root partition of a XenServer installation being 4 GB in size, it is important to trend data stored into /var/log/ to prevent a full filesystem. This can be accomplished by tuning /etc/logrotate.conf or even using Syslog’s forward method, where logs are sent to a separate host with the job of recording other hosts Syslog-based data.

Syslog is not only a daemon, but also a protocol: it was established long ago for Unix systems to record system and application information to local disk as well as offering the ability to forward the same log information to its peers for redundancy, concentration, and to conserve disk space on highly active systems.

Log Configuration

XenServer provides very detailed operational information in log format.  Correct configuration of logs is crucial to ensuring an important event isn’t missed. 


As an administrator, you wish to determine which log file will contain what type of information.


All Syslog configuration information is contained within /etc/syslog.conf. This file should never be directly edited. From the configuration information, you can ...

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