Part II. Management Recipes

While being able to design a XenServer deployment is the ideal way to create a XenServer environment that follows best practices, that’s not always an option and is only part of being a successful XenServer administrator. Whether you have inherited an existing deployment, perhaps with minimal design notes, or you are facing daily management tasks, we’re going to cover some common management actions in this section.

Such tasks range from the simple act of installing a XenServer to potential panic situations like being locked out of a host or needing to conduct hardware maintenance. We’re calling this section “management recipes” because we really want to empower you with successful procedures. The format will present a specific problem, describe a solution, and either discuss the rationale behind the solution or provide steps to implement it. In all situations, we’ll be giving only what’s required because if you’re like us, when something needs fixing, it needs fixing now.

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