Chapter 3

Converting to Xero from Another System

In This Chapter

arrow Converting data from a paper-based or spreadsheet accounting system

arrow Moving data from a computerised accounting solution

arrow Importing prepared data into Xero

arrow Working through any issues involved with turning off your old system

I f you’ve been maintaining business records in a non-computerised system (okay, I mean a shoebox) or a computerised format, you can move your data across to Xero. Changing accountants or changing accounting systems is a significant business decision — but don’t let this stop you! Empower yourself and take responsibility for the project. This chapter outlines what is involved in converting to Xero from another system. You can simply bring opening balances into Xero or you can go through a more complex and involved conversion process, where you import historical transactions into Xero. Converting to Xero is an opportunity to detox your data — cleaning and streamlining it — and customise your data to generate useful business information. Have a specialist on call and give the conversion a go!

In this ...

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