Chapter 6

Managing Your Sales

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding the value of the Sales dashboard

arrow Creating, approving, sending invoices — and more

arrow Taking in payments

arrow Saving time with email templates

arrow Sending accurate statements to outstanding debtors

I had a customer who sold medical equipment and who was most pleased with himself. His small business had generated significant sales. Closer inspection, however, revealed a majority of the sales were to a single customer and much of the sales income was still outstanding. This raised concerns for me, and I suggested that, rather than continue selling to the customer, he should put his energies into actively chasing the money for the outstanding sales. The objective of a sale should always be having cold hard cash deposited in your business bank account. Other aspects of sales are nice (such as goods or services going out from your business), but your focus should be moving customers to opening their wallet and giving your business cash.

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