Chapter 9

Generating Reports

In This Chapter

arrow Using and keeping track of Xero’s standard reports

arrow Adapting Xero’s reports to meet your needs

arrow Looking at draft, published, connected and archived reports

arrow Downloading reports in different formats

arrow Making use of management reports

M any business owners think accounting is simply about meeting tax obligations. Unfortunately, you do need to be concerned about tax and that’s why a great tax accountant is a vital component of your business advisory team. However, tax isn’t the only thing accounting is concerned with — and it shouldn’t be your only concern either. The really exciting aspect of using an accounting package like Xero (imagine I’m jumping up and down on a soapbox, yelling this in delight) is that it enables you to produce timely and accurate management reports that can help you make informed decisions.

In this chapter, I show you how to take advantage of all the reporting options Xero offers, including customising reports, knowing ...

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