Chapter 16

Exploring the Xero Marketplace


Bullet Understanding Xero networks

Bullet Knowing what to consider before you commit

Bullet Getting help from online experts

Bullet Looking at the compatible cloud-based apps available

Bullet Thinking about custom integration

I have a friend who is a simultaneous Japanese-to-English translator. Many people can translate languages, but only a rare few can do it simultaneously. As Barack Obama spoke to the United Nations audience, for example, his English words were translated into the world’s different languages by simultaneous translators. The non-English audience wore headphones and heard Obama’s translated words in real-time, and the whole audience felt the emotion of the speech and reacted together.

Xero networks operate in a similar manner: Information can flow seamlessly from one solution to another. This allows you to view completed jobs from a job management solution translated into Xero sales invoices (refer to Chapter 6 for more on sales invoices), ...

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