Chapter 5. XSL-FO

As I mentioned in Chapter 2, the eXtensible Stylesheet Language (XSL), was originally a single specification for formatting XML documents. But before finishing it, the W3C divided XSL into two pieces: XSLT (for Transformations) and XSL-FO (for Formatting Objects). I discussed XSLT in the last three chapters. In this chapter, I’ll discuss XSL-FO.

XSL-FO is essentially a typesetting language. It enables you to easily specify page layouts, including setting margins and line spacing; creating headers, footers, and marginalia; and generating endnotes, footnotes, columnar page content, cover sheets, and tables of content.

XSL-FO is an XML-based markup language, and was designed to format XML data. You have already seen how XSLT can format ...

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