Time for action - beginning the WeaponManager class

  1. Add a new class called WeaponManager to the Robot Rampage project.
  2. Add the following using directives to the top of the WeaponManager class file:
    using Microsoft.Xna.Framework;
    using Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Graphics;
  3. Modify the declaration of the WeaponManager class to make it a static class:
    static class WeaponManager
  4. Add declarations to the WeaponManager class:
    #region declarations
    static public List<Particle> Shots = new List<Particle>();
    static public Texture2D Texture;
    static public Rectangle shotRectangle =
    new Rectangle(0, 128, 32, 32);
    static public float WeaponSpeed = 600f;
    static private float shotTimer = 0f;
    static private float shotMinTimer = 0.15f;
  5. Add properties to the ...

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