XNA Game Studio 4.0 Programming: Developing for Windows

Book description

Get Started Fast with XNA Game Studio 4.0–and Build Great Games for Both Windows Phone 7 and Xbox LIVE

This is the industry’s best reference and tutorial for all aspects of XNA Game Studio 4.0 programming on all supported platforms, from Xbox 360 to Windows Phone 7 and Windows PCs. The only game development book authored by Microsoft XNA development team members, itoffers deep insider insights you won’t get anywhere elseincluding thorough coverage of new Windows Phone APIs for mobile game development.

You’ll quickly build simple games and get comfortable with Microsoft’s powerful XNA Game Studio 4.0 toolset. Next, you’ll drill down into every area of XNA, including graphics, input, audio, video, storage, GamerServices, and networking. Miller and Johnson present especially thorough coverage of 3D graphics, from Reach and HiDef to textures, effects, and avatars. Throughout, they introduce new concepts with downloadable code examples designed to help you jumpstart your own projects.

Coverage includes

·         Downloading, installing, and getting started with XNA Game Studio 4

·         Building on capabilities provided in the default game template

·         Using 2D sprites, textures, sprite operations, blending, and SpriteFonts

·         Creating high-performance 3D graphics with XNA’s newly simplified APIs

·         Supporting keyboards, mice, Xbox 360 controllers, Touch, accelerometer, and GPS inputs

·         Loading, generating, recording, and playing audio

·         Managing all types of XNA storage

·         Using avatars as characters in your games

·         Utilizing gamer types, player profiles, presence information, and other GamerServices

·         Supporting Xbox LIVE and networked games

·         Creating higher-level input systems that seamlessly manage cross-platform issues

From Windows Phone 7 mobile gaming to Xbox LIVE Indie Games, XNA Game Studio 4.0 creates huge new opportunities for experienced Microsoft developers. This bookhelps you build on skills you already have, to create the compelling games millions of users are searching for.

Product information

  • Title: XNA Game Studio 4.0 Programming: Developing for Windows
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: December 2010
  • Publisher(s): Addison-Wesley Professional
  • ISBN: 9780672333453