Creating a World of YES Wherever You Are

While we’re each looking to find more YESes in the Land of NO where we live and work, we mustn’t forget that others may be wanting a YES from us as well. How can each of us contribute to transforming the Land of NO into a World of YES? What can we do to find ways to say YES more often?

Look for what you like in people, places, situations, and ideas. For many of us, our natural inclination is to first notice what we don't like. It’s simply a habit — and habits can be changed. Make it a point to actively look for what you like, both at work and at home. Say, “YES, I like that,” more often.

Piggyback on other people’s YESes. Instead of saying, “YES, but … ,” learn to say, “YES, and here’s how I can see ...

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