3-on-3 Challenge for Change in Indiana, 35


“above the fold,” headlines, 68–69

Action Center, introduction on MyBO, 77

Action Wire mailing list, 41

actions, rewarding in online communities, 88

activity index

adding calls to, 90

using in MyBO, 79–80


deciding on placement of, 159

search-based, 156 ads, money spent on, 157

advocates, receiving support from, 32, 35–37, 42

Albright-Hanna, Kate, 148–149

Alter, Jonathan, 37

Americans Committed to World Responsibility, 128

analytics team, focus of, 160

Ann Arbor, Michigan, Kennedy campaign in, 128

Anthony, Joe, 141–142, launch of, 181

Arlene from California, 39

Asian Americans for Obama, 85


explained, 102

including in text messages, 118 ...

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