Yoga is the ultimate mind-body practice. By its very nature, it leads practitioners around the globe toward greater balance and relaxation. Each yoga pose balances alertness and relaxation. By integrating physical movements, breath, and mindfulness, yoga produces both bodily and mental relaxation. The result? A welcome dose of enhanced well-being, which is one reason why yoga has never been more important. In today’s hectic schedules, seemingly loaded with constant stimulation and stress, yoga can bring balance and even serenity.

Consider Yoga All-in-One For Dummies your complete guide to finding the health and peace of mind that yoga can bring. Whether you’re looking for classic poses and routines, more-modern takes on this ancient practice, or ways to incorporate yoga into your life, this book can get you started and well on your way. After all, at its core, yoga is a timeless answer for anyone seeking deeper meaning in life and that elusive treasure called abiding peacefulness.

About This Book

Yoga — and its many schools and philosophies — offers a number of mental and physical benefits to those who practice it. Whether you’re interested in becoming more flexible, more fit, less stressed, or more peaceful and joyful, this book contains the guidance you need and the routines that can help you achieve your goals. It takes you step by step into the treasure house of yoga, where you’ll find out how to strengthen your mind and enlist it to unlock your body’s extraordinary ...

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