Chapter 1

Yoga 101: Building a Foundation

In This Chapter

arrow Debunking yoga myths

arrow Deciphering the word yoga

arrow Exploring the primary branches, styles, and approaches to yoga

arrow Understanding the yogic principles of being

arrow Taking control of your mind, body, health, and life with yoga

Although yoga is now a household word, many people don’t know exactly what it is. Far more than just physical exercise, yoga can transform you, even if transformation isn’t your intention when you first step onto the mat. This chapter explains what yoga really is, describes how it relates to your health and happiness, and introduces you to the many different branches and approaches to yoga. Yoga really does offer something for everyone.

Whatever your age, weight, flexibility, or beliefs may be, you can practice and benefit from some version of yoga. Yoga may have originated in India, but it’s for all of humanity. ...

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