Chapter 1

Key Principles of Power Yoga

In This Chapter

arrow Recognizing the difference between Traditional and Power Yoga breathing

arrow Picking up the soft, graceful dance of Power Yoga

arrow Understanding and using energy locks

arrow Maintaining your focus

arrow Setting your internal thermostat

arrow Taking on a pose that lets you practice important Power Yoga principles

As yoga gained popularity in the United States, the different types of yoga began to separate into two major categories — soft and hard. Soft-form yoga practice emphasizes meditation, relaxation, and separate, distinct postures. Hard-form yoga emphasizes attaining physical strength, improving muscle action, and building physical vitality and endurance. Ashtanga Yoga (see Book I, Chapter 1) is a prime example of hard-form yoga, because it involves nonstop, high-energy routines that increase the circulation, raise body heat, and get your heart and ...

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