Chapter 4

Following Buddha’s Way: A Moderate Power Routine

In This Chapter

arrow Getting ready for an intermediate-level workout

arrow Taking the middle road with Buddha’s Way

Centuries ago, Buddha determined that the true path to enlightenment was the middle way — nothing radical or extreme, just consistent, persistent progress. This routine is named Buddha’s Way because it’s an intermediate-level Power Yoga routine that offers a moderate approach to building your Power Yoga fitness.

This routine is moderate in every way; it even takes a moderate amount of time to complete. Most folks can complete this routine in about 60 minutes. The Buddha’s Way routine is a bit more challenging than the Just a Walk in the Park routine in Book IV, Chapter 3, but it’s a good, strong intermediate workout when you’re ready to move up to the next stage of your Power Yoga practice.

Progressing along Buddha’s Way

The Buddha’s Way routine helps you build the strength and stamina that you need to keep progressing in your Power Yoga practice.

As an intermediate-level student, you may want to concentrate some of your effort on developing the “flow” of your practice. Approach the workout with confidence, and move ...

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