Chapter 1

Partnering Up for Yoga

In This Chapter

arrow Introducing partner yoga

arrow Examining the benefits of partner yoga

arrow Identifying safe partner postures

Yoga need not be a solitary practice. Yoga means “union,” and partner yoga fosters unity. Partner yoga is a modern American development of the late 20th century, although some people trace its roots back to ancient yoga lineages. Its modern expression may even have developed independently with different practitioner-teachers, but clearly, it’s an idea whose time has come. As with other varieties of yoga postures, partner yoga is suitable for all levels of complexity and challenge. This chapter presents the many benefits and joys of practicing partner yoga and illustrates several safe postures you and a partner can try.

Defining Partner Yoga

Partner yoga is a joyful practice that brings two people together to create a new posture. Unlike what’s referred to as assisted yoga, in partner yoga each person gives support and receives benefits as the two create a posture together. When you and your partner try this approach, you discover and enjoy one of the requirements and lessons of partner yoga: dialogue and clear communication.

Consider ...

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