Chapter 2

Yoga against the Wall

In This Chapter

arrow Using the wall as a prop to build confidence, balance, and physical awareness

arrow Taking your yoga to go

arrow Promoting world peace through wall yoga

arrow Practicing standing, bending, and balancing postures at the wall

In the 1940s, Indra Devi (the first foreign woman taught by Professor Sri T. Krishnamacharya, the father of modern yoga) opened a studio in Hollywood, where she offered yoga adapted to the needs of Westerners. Among her students were Gloria Swanson and Marilyn Monroe. One posture she used was the headstand in the corner, to give the practitioner the support of two walls. Since then, the wall has become an integral, no-cost prop in the yoga tool kit. In this chapter, you discover the ways in which using the wall as a prop can support your yoga practice and give you new pose possibilities. You also find a variety of safe postures you can easily do at the wall.

The World Is Your Yoga Studio

In Wall Yoga, the wall is your friend — one you can always turn to when you need a little extra support or a confidence boost — and one that doesn’t ...

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