Chapter 6

Cultivating Spirituality

In This Chapter

arrow Expanding your identity from body to being

arrow Overcoming separation and getting closer to God (or Self, spirit, or source)

arrow Gaining insight into the deeper reality that underlies all appearances

arrow Locating and evaluating a spiritual teacher

If you meditate regularly, you’re going to have spiritual experiences — guaranteed. By following your breath or reciting a mantra or merely sitting quietly and listening with full attention to the sound of the wind through the trees, you’re cutting through your usual preoccupations and attuning yourself to the present moment. That’s where glimpses of the spiritual dimension of being generally occur — in the present. (In fact, being present with awareness is an inherently spiritual activity.) To paraphrase an old saying, spiritual experiences are accidents — but you make yourself accident-prone when you meditate. In this chapter, you find out how to use meditation to explore spirituality to your heart’s content.

Now, this chapter doesn’t give you detailed instructions on how to get enlightened or meet ...

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