5 Why Do You Do What You Do?

So, now we know who you are. You have made a great first impression by avoiding a simplistic, canned answer about your background and offering real depth. We also know what you do or what your accounting firm does. You’ve articulated your Unique Value Proposition™ (UVP™), and oh, by the way, you looked me in the eye and were able to extend the discussion of your value with confidence, passion, and speed.

Now, as we climb to the third step on the Value Ladder™, I need you to think about a question that begins with the word why. “Why do you do what you do?” The answer to that question can be found by thinking about your business beliefs. What are they? They’re the things that experience and years in the business have taught you. They’re also the wisdom you have learned from your research and work with clients on similar issues plus your best bets about future trends in your business and your clients’ companies. These beliefs are connective themes that tell a prospect what you or your firm are passionate about. They represent your strongest convictions. They are emotional, and when expressed properly, they will help you win business.

Imagine a client or prospect walking into your office or conference room. Prominently hung on the wall are your business beliefs. His or her eyes are laser focused on the words in this picture because he or she knows that they matter. They tell a story and really depict what drives your thinking.

Well, what do you believe ...

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