Abook like this is a mosaic of the amazing experiences I have had working with fabulous people on wonderful teams. To my clients, I am indebted for your confidence in me and your willingness to trust me with your most critical business issues and your most intimate personal vulnerabilities.

To David Shaw, the founder and CEO of Knightsbridge Human Capital Solutions, thank you for believing in me and for always making me feel like a key member of your team.

To all of my Knightsbridge colleagues, it is an honor to build a company with you. Special thanks to Leslie Carter, Lori Dyne, and Mirren Hinchley for your help in bringing You First to the world; to Victoria Davies for teaching me the financial and legal ropes; and to Dr. Ralph Shedletsky for your wisdom and your friendship.

Thank you to Dr. Nick Morgan, Nikki-Smith Morgan, Sarah Morgan, and Emma Wyatt of Public Words. You not only helped me tell my story, but you also helped me find my voice. I found so much value in your expertise and so much comfort in your friendship. Huge thanks to Peggy McEwan for bringing my ideas to life through her fantastic original artwork. You nailed it!

Sincere thanks to the staff at John Wiley & Sons who contributed greatly to this project. A special thank you is due to Shannon Vargo, Elana Schulman, and Karen Milner.

Thank you to Helen Lee for research assistance that got the early versions of this book rolling.

To the Knightsbridge Leadership Solutions team, I cannot tell you ...

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