You Have Three Minutes! Learn the Secret of the Pitch from Trump's Original Apprentice (Audio Book)

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“Read, learn, and succeed. It's all here.” -DONALD TRUMP

This may be the most important book you will ever read. Whether you're an up-and-coming manager full of ambition and ideas, or an independent entrepreneur with big dreams of your own, you need to master the art of the perfect pitch. Why? It's your one opportunity to present yourself to potential clients or employers- your one chance to make a positive first impression, sell your personal vision, and, ultimately, close the deal. And sometimes, you only have three minutes to do it.

Just ask Ricardo Bellino, the young Brazilian entrepreneur who-in just three minutes-convinced Donald Trump to back his luxury golf resort, initiating a multimillion-dollar business deal that would eventually become Trump Realty Brazil, the organization's first international enterprise. Bellino shares everything you need to know to pitch your ideas and get real results-even with the toughest audience. He offers tried-and-true tips on the impact of the first impression, the power of intuition, and the importance of image and nonverbal behaviors. He shows you how to get your foot in the door and your deal on the table. In no time at all, you'll master the essential people skills that will turn ideas into offers and dreams into reality.

You Have 3 Minutes! features

  • The secret formula behind a Trumpworthy pitch
  • Tips, techniques, and tools for more intuitive communication and presentation
  • Tools to help you evaluate and improve your deal-making skills

Remember: Time is money. And your ultimate success depends on your ability to present ideas and persuade others-quickly, clearly, and concisely. Three minutes is all you need . . . for a lifetime of success.

Table of contents

  1. Foreword 00:01:39
  2. Introduction 00:03:19
  3. Chapter 1: The Science Behind The 3 Minutes 00:03:14
  4. The Adaptive Unconscious 00:08:02
  5. Learning To Impress Positively 00:03:54
  6. Intuition versus Strategy: Keep Both 00:07:43
  7. Chapter 2: Business and Intuition 00:07:17
  8. Intuition Doesn't Stop Talking To Us 00:05:39
  9. Intuition (continued) 00:06:19
  10. Chapter 3: Optimizing Your Intuitive Power 00:04:58
  11. Characteristics Of An Intuitive Person 00:08:28
  12. Characteristics Of An Intuitive Person (continued) 00:05:58
  13. Letting The Intuition Flow 00:04:43
  14. Chapter 4: Beyond Words 00:06:55
  15. Voice, Sweet Voice 00:07:58
  16. From Theory To Practice 00:04:25
  17. Chapter 5: Know The Person You Are Talking To 00:05:33
  18. Know The Person (continued) 00:06:31
  19. Instead Of A Network, Create A Brotherhood 00:06:03
  20. Be Sensitive To Needs And Desires Of Others 00:03:49
  21. Chapter 6: Midas and Sadim 00:07:34
  22. Selective Memory 00:03:31
  23. Sadim's Arsenal 00:07:40
  24. Chapter 7: Lessons From The Apprentice 00:05:20
  25. Conduct A Productive Brainstorming Session 00:06:27
  26. Pay Attention To Finances 00:05:17
  27. Choose The Best Strategy 00:06:44
  28. Transmit Enthusiasm 00:05:21
  29. Be An Effective Project Manager 00:07:36
  30. Communicate Correctly With Your Boss 00:07:56
  31. The School Of Life 00:05:29
  32. Chapter 8: Learning From The Masters 00:05:49
  33. John Casablancas 00:06:23
  34. Michael Dell 00:06:29
  35. Donald Trump 00:06:04
  36. Samuel Klein 00:05:10
  37. Silvio Santos 00:05:43
  38. Chapter 9: Conclusion 00:05:31
  39. Conclusion (continued) 00:07:51
  40. Erring To Get It Right 00:04:08

Product information

  • Title: You Have Three Minutes! Learn the Secret of the Pitch from Trump's Original Apprentice (Audio Book)
  • Author(s): Ricardo Bellino
  • Release date: August 2006
  • Publisher(s): McGraw-Hill
  • ISBN: 9780071588782