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Your good health

Book Description

Do you need some simple ways to improve your health and wellbeing to get you on the right path? A new you, fitter, happier and more youthful than ever could be just around the corner! Your good health is here to boost your vitality, strengthen your immune system and make you feel great about yourself. This book is a collection of brilliant and inspiring ideas to get you on your way to better health. You can select an idea a week, or a day, and start feeling better right now. And you’ll enjoy it. Don’t believe us? Well get this then…eat more chocolate. You weren’t expecting that were you? It’s true, chocolate eaters live longer than non-chocolate eaters! That’s just one of the easy, healthy tips in this book. Your good health is packed with tips to make your life better. So flick through, pick the ideas that appeal most to you and get ready to brighten up!