Chapter 17. Google Programs to Add to Your Game Plan

The last couple of chapters in Your Google Game Plan for Success are dedicated to broadening your horizons to include programs and tools that you can use within the Google ecosystem and outside the Google network. Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Google Website Optimizer, and the combination of those three platforms will take you places, but will only take you so far. You really need a wide-ranging variety of programs, tools, and knowledge at your disposal to truly distance yourself from the competition.

My experience in the search-marketing/web-analytics industry tells me that when you've read and understood the next two chapters, you're going to be in a better position than most of your competitors. There are simply not a lot of website owners and online advertisers using these tools and actively engaging in these programs. Quite a number of website owners and online advertisers aren't even aware that these programs exist. Even if you don't try every one of the programs in the next two chapters, you'll at least be exposed to them and understand how they work and what they're trying to show and tell you, which is more than can be said for most people (unfortunately for our industry, but fortunately for you).

First, let's take a look in this chapter at some Google-based programs that can be great additional resources for you to use. These programs all carry the Google brand, and simply searching for their names on Google will quickly ...

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