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Your Household Budget: Juggling Finances on the Home Front

Book Description

In the daily whirl of work, family obligations, social interactions, and all the other activities that make up our lives, it can be easy to lose track of basics like household finances. Who wants to worry about the bills on top of dealing with everything else? But effective handling of your household budget forms a foundation for your efforts elsewhere, and it's especially crucial for busy Moms and Dads. In this presentation, Laura Stack, The Productivity Pro®, teaches you the fundamentals of staying on top of your home front financials. Topics discussed include:

  1. The basics of creating a household budget.

  2. How to budget for family expenses, expected and otherwise.

  3. Tips on how to get ahead of the game.

  4. Ways to assess and address your family insurance needs.

  5. Where to find resources like budgeting calculators, and how to use them.

  6. When to reach for help, and who to turn to.

Put these tips into play, and you'll soon establish the firm financial footing required to move confidently toward your goals for your family and your life!