Your iPad® at Work(covers iOS 7 on iPad Air, iPad 3rd and 4th generation, iPad2, and iPad mini), Fourth Edition

Book description

Supercharge your business effectiveness with any model of iPad–in the office, on the road, everywhere!

Do you have an iPad? Put it to work! If you’re a manager, entrepreneur, or professional… a consultant, salesperson, or freelancer… this book will make you more efficient, more effective, and more successful!

Your iPad at Work includes the latest information about all iPad models running iOS 7 (or later), whether the tablet is equipped with Wi-Fi only or Wi-Fi + Cellular Internet connectivity.

It’s packed with easy, nontechnical business solutions you can use right now–each presented with quick, foolproof, full-color instructions.Securely connect your iPad to your network; sync your email, contacts, calendar, Office documents, and smartphone; make the most of iPad’s latest productivity apps; capture up-to-the-minute news and financial data; even discover powerful specialized apps for your job and your industry.

You already know how much fun your iPad is, now discover how incredibly productive it can make you!

  • Secure your iPad with passwords and data encryption

  • Connect your iPad to a wireless printer

  • Discover today’s most powerful iPad business apps

  • Manage your contacts and relationships with a Contact Relationship Manager (CRM) app

  • Do your word processing, spreadsheet, and database management while on the go

  • Access your email and surf the Web from almost anywhere

  • Make winning sales and business presentations from your iPad

  • Read PC and Mac files, from Microsoft Office to Adobe PDF

  • Use your iPad more efficiently on the road and while traveling

  • Manage your company’s social networking presence from your tablet

  • Participate in real-time video calls and virtual meetings using FaceTime, Skype, or another app

  • Create and distribute iPad content, or have a custom app developed for your business

  • Table of contents

    1. About This eBook
    2. Title Page
    3. Copyright Page
    4. Contents at a Glance
    5. Table of Contents
    6. About the Author
    7. Dedication
    8. Acknowledgments
    9. We Want to Hear from You!
    10. Reader Services
    11. Introduction
      1. What You Can Expect from This Book
      2. Unboxing Your New iPad
      3. Choosing the Right iPad to Meet Your Needs
      4. Preinstalled Apps on All iPads Running iOS 7.0
      5. Optional “Must-Have” iPad Apps Developed by Apple
      6. The Anatomy of the iPad Models
    12. 1. Activating and Personalizing Your Tablet
      1. Turning Your iPad On or Off
      2. Activating and Setting Up Your iPad
      3. Activating Your iPad’s Data Services
      4. Using Notification Center On Your iPad
      5. Opening Control Center for Quick Access to Commonly Used Features
      6. Customizing iPad’s Settings
      7. Making App-Specific Adjustments
      8. Using the iPad’s Dictation Feature
      9. Work with iOS 7’s Multitasking Bar
      10. Now, Let’s Put Your iPad to Work
    13. 2. Interacting with Siri: Your Voice-Controlled Assistant
      1. Customizing Siri to Meet Your Needs
      2. Siri Can Handle a Wide Range of Tasks
      3. Siri Relies on Content in Certain Apps
      4. Using Siri Eyes Free While Driving
    14. 3. Staying In Touch Using Email and Instant Messages
      1. Using the Mail App to Manage Your Email Accounts on Your iPad
      2. Communicating via Instant Messages via the Messages App
    15. 4. Using the Calendar and Clock Apps to Organize Your Personal and Professional Life
      1. Calendar App Basics
      2. Customizing the Calendar App
      3. Syncing Scheduling Data with Your Primary Computer or Smartphone
      4. Using the Clock App
    16. 5. Working with the Contacts App
      1. Customizing the Contacts App
      2. Allowing the Contacts App to Work Seamlessly with Other Apps
      3. Getting Started Using the Contacts App
      4. Syncing Contact Data with Other Contact Management Software
    17. 6. Managing Information Using The Reminders and Notes Apps
      1. Managing Multiple To-Do Lists Simultaneously
      2. Setting Up Reminders to Work With iCloud and other Online Services
      3. Using Your Tablet as a Note-Taking Device with the Notes App
    18. 7. Surfing the Web Using Safari
      1. You’re Ready to Begin Surfing
      2. Customizing Safari’s Settings
      3. How to Use Tabbed Browsing with Safari
      4. Removing Screen Clutter with Safari Reader
      5. Creating and Managing Reading Lists
      6. New Options for Sharing Web Content in Safari
      7. Creating, Managing, and Syncing Safari Bookmarks
      8. Launching Your Favorite Websites Fast with Home Screen Icons
      9. Accessing Social Networks on Your iPad
    19. 8. Exploring Your World with the Maps App
      1. Overview of the Maps App’s Screen
      2. Obtaining Turn-By-Turn Directions between Two Locations
      3. Looking Up Contact Entries, Businesses, Restaurants, Landmarks, and Points-Of-Interest
      4. The Maps App’s Flyover View
      5. The Maps App Integrates Nicely with Other Apps
      6. Using Siri with the Maps App
      7. Maps App Alternatives
    20. 9. Digital Photography on Your iPad
      1. Loading Digital Images onto Your iPad
      2. The Redesigned Camera App
      3. Tips for Shooting Eye-Catching Photos Using Your iPad
      4. Using the Photos App to View, Edit, Enhance, Print, and Share Photos and Videos
      5. Upgrading to Apple’s iPhoto App
      6. Utilizing Powerful Photo-Editing Capabilities with Third-Party Photography Apps
    21. 10. Finding and Installing Apps from the App Store
      1. Apple’s App Store: One-Stop Shopping for iPad Apps
      2. How App Pricing Works
      3. Quick Tips for Finding Apps
      4. Keeping Your Apps Up-to-Date
    22. 11. Wireless Printing and Scanning via Your iPad
      1. Wireless Printing from Your iPad
      2. Scanning Documents On-the-Go into Your iPad
    23. 12. Using iCloud with Your iPad to Back Up and Sync Data
      1. Set Up an iCloud Account
      2. Turn on iCloud Features from the iCloud Control Panel
      3. Set Up iCloud to Sync App-Specific Data
      4. Turn on the iCloud Backup Feature
      5. Set Up and Use the Find My... Feature
      6. Take Advantage of the Website
      7. Access all iTunes Store Content Purchases via iCloud
      8. Cloud-Based Alternatives to iCloud
    24. 13. Working with Pages, Numbers, and Keynote
      1. Working with Pages
      2. Working with Numbers
      3. Working with Keynote
      4. Using the iWork for iOS Apps with iCloud
      5. Working with the iWork for iCloud Apps
      6. Third-Party Apps that Also Offer Microsoft Office Compatibility
      7. Accessing Your Primary Computer Remotely with Your iPad
    25. 14. Conducting Videoconferences and Virtual Meetings
      1. Using FaceTime for Video Calls
      2. Participating in Virtual Meetings from Anywhere
      3. Making and Receiving Phone Calls or Videoconferencing with Skype
    26. 15. Discovering “Must-Have” Business Apps
      1. 25 Business Apps that Enhance the Capabilities of Your iPad
      2. Vertical Market Apps are Also Readily Available
      3. Discovering What Travel Apps Can Do for You
      4. Online Banking Made Easy on Your iPad
      5. Saving Time in Your Everyday Life
    27. 16. Staying Informed Using iBooks, Newsstand, and Web Content
      1. Reading eBooks and Managing Your Digital Library Using the iBooks App
      2. Alternatives to the iBooks App
      3. Reading Newspapers and Magazines on Your iPad
      4. Downloading Versus Streaming Online Content
    28. 17. Creating and Distributing Content on the iPad
      1. Creating Interactive eBooks for iPad Using iBooks Author
      2. Does Your Company Need a Custom App?
      3. iPad Custom App Development Strategies
      4. Also Consider a Mobile Website to Reach iPad Users
    29. 18. Must-Have iPad Accessories
      1. Three Ways You Should Protect Your Tablet
      2. External Keyboards for Your Tablet
      3. Replacing Finger Motions with a Stylus
      4. Power Options
      5. Desktop Stands for Easier iPad Access
      6. iPad Camera Connection Kit
      7. Enhancing the Recording Capabilities of Your iPad
      8. Headphones and External Speakers
      9. External Wireless Storage for Your iPad
      10. Connection Options: HD, VGA, Home Theater
      11. Automating Your Home or Office Lighting with Philips Hue
      12. Using a Wireless Camera to Transform Your iPad into a Remote Security Camera or Baby Monitor
      13. Finding Lost Items Fast Using Tile
      14. A Smart Watch is the Perfect Companion to Your Tablet and Smartphone
    30. Index

    Product information

    • Title: Your iPad® at Work(covers iOS 7 on iPad Air, iPad 3rd and 4th generation, iPad2, and iPad mini), Fourth Edition
    • Author(s):
    • Release date: November 2013
    • Publisher(s): Que
    • ISBN: 9780133391626