Chapter 17. Do It!

From working with my mentoring clients, I've discovered that the "do it" part is the hard part. Like me, they have lots of unopened e-books on their hard drive.

Some of them are hesitant to launch products because they're unsure that they have anything of value to offer. I glaze right over this one, myself. I visualize a constantly moving parade. I joined the parade at the very back, but the minute I took my first step on the parade route, others joined behind me. Each step I take is a lesson I can teach to those behind me.

The more steps I take, the more people there are behind me to market to.

It's a mistake—and I've watched it totally freeze people—to worry about what those ahead of you in the parade will think of your products.

For example, it's unlikely that I'm going to teach Armand Morin much about Internet marketing. He's years ahead of me, has a large staff and a virtually unlimited budget.

Okay. I don't get that sale.

However, all of the people who have become curious about Internet marketing, and owning a home business you can operate from any Internet cafe in the galaxy, in the last two and a half years—those are sales I can make. And it's possible that because just two and half years ago I was in the back of the parade, I'm more qualified to teach to the beginning marketer than Armand is. The territory between there and here is very familiar to me. It's fresh in my mind; I remember clearly not knowing how to create a PDF file. I remember wrestling with ...

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