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YouTube Channels For Dummies

Book Description

Create content and build a YouTube channel like a pro

Written by a successful YouTube channel producer, YouTube Channels For Dummies shows you how to create content, establish a channel, build an audience, and successfully monetize video content online. Beginning with the basics, it shows you how to establish a channel, join a partner program, and develop a content plan. Next, you'll gain insight into how to create content that builds a channel, enhance the viral nature of a video, encourage subscriptions, and earn repeat views. If that weren't enough, you'll go on even further to learn how to get the word out about your channel and discover ways to enhance your potential profits. That's a lot of info—but it's easily digestible and simple to put into practice when it's provided in the accessible and trusted For Dummies format.

YouTube is the third most-visited website on the Internet, making it prime real estate for anyone seeking customers, celebrity, or education. If you want to harness this irresistible platform and reach a global platform, YouTube Channels For Dummies makes it easy. In no time, you'll have the know-how to create a YouTube channel with regular subscribers who watch, re-watch, and share your videos.

  • Includes ten easy tips for growing a raptured YouTube audience

  • Details how to enhance the viral nature of a video

  • Shows you how to create and maintain a YouTube channel that generates views and revenue

  • Written by the producer of a leading YouTube channel

  • Table of Contents

    1. Cover Page
    2. Title Page
    3. Copyright
    4. Contents at a Glance
    5. Contents
    6. Introduction
      1. About This Book
      2. Foolish Assumptions
      3. How This Book Is Organized
      4. Icons Used in This Book
      5. Beyond the Book
    7. Part I: Getting Started With YouTube Channels
      1. Chapter 1: Making a Home on YouTube
        1. The YouTube Phenomenon – Why You Need To Be on YouTube
        2. Seeing What Makes a YouTube Channel Unique
        3. Managing Channels for Fun and/or Profit
      2. Chapter 2: The Basics of YouTube
        1. What You'll Find on YouTube
        2. Working with a YouTube Account
        3. Creating a YouTube Channel
        4. Verifying Your YouTube Channel
        5. Setting Up a Custom Channel URL
        6. Joining the YouTube Partner Program
      3. Chapter 3: Building Your Channel from the Ground Up
        1. Navigating Your Channel
        2. Customizing and Branding Your Channel
        3. Managing Uploads
    8. Part II: Making Good Videos and Not Making Bad Videos
      1. Chapter 4: What Makes a Good Video a Good Video?
        1. Picking the Right Camera for Your Needs
        2. Knowing What Makes a Good Video
        3. Mastering the Genres in Your YouTube Videos
        4. Viral Videos versus Evergreen Content
      2. Chapter 5: Making Plans Both Large and Small
        1. Establishing Your Channel's Mission
        2. Understanding Your Target Audience
        3. Defining Desired Actions
        4. Planning an Outstanding YouTube Channel
        5. Crafting a Content Strategy
        6. Programming for Success
        7. Planning Doesn't End
      3. Chapter 6: Acquiring the Tools of the Trade
        1. Checking Out Your Camera Options
        2. Stabilizing the Shot
        3. Seeing Your Way with Light
        4. Capturing Sound
      4. Chapter 7: Putting It All Together to Capture Some Video
        1. Setting Up for a Shoot
        2. Shooting a Great-Looking Video
        3. Working with Voice
      5. Chapter 8: Fixing It in Post: The Edit
        1. Choosing Editing Software
        2. Where to Get Started with Editing
        3. Editing Your Video
        4. Polishing Your Video
        5. Adding Music to Your Video
        6. Adding Voiceover and Sound Effects
        7. Exporting the Final Version
      6. Chapter 9: Preparing for Upload Day
        1. Preparing Your Channel for Uploads
        2. Tending to Video SEO Matters
        3. Uploading Your Video
        4. Adding Custom Thumbnails
        5. Publishing and Unpublishing Videos
    9. Part III: Growing and Knowing Your Audience
      1. Chapter 10: Building Your Audience
        1. Developing a Community
        2. Understanding Subscribers and Their Value
        3. Managing Comments
        4. Using Messaging
        5. Configuring Community Settings
        6. Getting Viewers to Engage
        7. Capturing the Captioning Opportunity
        8. Giving Credit Where It's Due
        9. Producing Live Events
      2. Chapter 11: Knowing Your Audience
        1. Getting Started with YouTube Analytics
        2. Learning about Views
        3. Understanding Your Audience
        4. Optimizing Discoverability
        5. Making Sure Your Audience Is Engaged
        6. Getting Engagement Reports
        7. Going In-Depth on Annotation Analytics
        8. Beyond YouTube Analytics
    10. Part IV: YouTube Channels Are Serious Business
      1. Chapter 12: How and Why Businesses Use YouTube
        1. Understanding Video and Business
        2. Understanding Your YouTube Business Components
        3. Integrating YouTube with Other Campaigns
      2. Chapter 13: Expanding Your Audience through YouTube Advertising
        1. Understanding YouTube Advertising
        2. Planning for Advertising
        3. Determining Your Ad Targets
        4. Navigating the AdWords for Video Page
        5. Setting Up a YouTube Ad Campaign
        6. Placing and Managing Your Ads
        7. Measuring Clicks and Results
        8. Optimizing Your Campaign
        9. Creating a Call-to-Action Overlay
      3. Chapter 14: Mining the YouTube Goldmine
        1. Integrating AdSense
        2. Analyzing Ad Performance with YouTube Analytics
        3. Managing AdSense for YouTube
        4. Making Monetization Adjustments
    11. Part V: The Part of Tens
      1. Chapter 15: Ten Key Steps to Improving YouTube Search Results
        1. Updating Video Metadata
        2. Managing Video Titles
        3. Understanding Working Titles
        4. Optimizing Thumbnails for Viewer Session Time
        5. Managing Video Descriptions
        6. Adding Closed Captioning
        7. Handling Tags
        8. Refreshing Metadata
        9. Understanding Channel SEO
        10. Avoiding Misleading Metadata
      2. Chapter 16: Ten Things to Know About Copyright
        1. Remember Who Owns the Copyright
        2. Attribution Does Not Absolve a Copyright Violation
        3. Know the Consequences
        4. The Profit Motive Is Irrelevant
        5. Getting Permission for Using Copyrighted Material
        6. Fair Use Is Complicated
        7. Don't Let Copyright Issues on YouTube Lead to a Strikeout
        8. Wipe the Slate Clean
        9. YouTube's Robots Are Good at Finding Copyright Infringements
        10. Copyright Is Not Forever, But It's Likely Forever Enough for YouTube
    12. Index
    13. About the Authors
    14. Dedication
    15. Authors' Acknowledgments