Chapter 15

Channel Management


Bullet Harnessing the power of YouTube’s Creator tools

Bullet Benefiting from regularly auditing your channel

Bullet Organizing your content with playlists

Bullet Ensuring your account is in good standing

Bullet Exploring copyright and community guidelines

YouTube offers an incredibly powerful backend tool, currently named Creator Studio Classic, that enables you to manage your videos, playlists, and channel. It also offers advanced features, such as live-streaming, and helps you engage with the YouTube community.

In this chapter, you discover how you can use the Creator tools to tweak your settings, apply new defaults, and finely hone your channel’s setup. You also find out about resource libraries for things like music and sound effects, discover how to regularly audit your channel to keep it fresh and accurate, ensure that you’re maximizing your videos to appear in the search results, and become familiar with YouTube’s stance on copyright and community guidelines. This ...

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