Chapter 1. Everything You Wanted to Know about YouTube

In This Chapter

  • Creating accounts

  • Touring YouTube

  • Searching for and creating videos

  • Setting YouTube preferences

  • Joining the YouTube community

  • Promoting a business on YouTube

  • Molding YouTube for you and your kids

YouTube is: A: an appliance; B: an ergonomic chair; C: the coolest video site on the Internet? If you answered A or B, you really need this book. But the fact that you own this book or are skimming through these pages at your favorite bookseller means you probably answered correctly, but need to know more about YouTube, which is great because these pages are written by a couple of card-carrying geeks who love video and think YouTube is the coolest thing since one-terabyte hard drives.

We cover a lot of ground in this book. In this chapter, we give you an overview of what we cover and how we cover it.

Charting YouTube

YouTube popped out of the woodwork when three PayPal employees brainstormed to start a video sharing service. They were at a party, and people were shooting digital photos and capturing videos. After the party, they tried to share the videos via e-mail but ran into difficulties due to differences in file formats and codecs. That's when the lads came up with the idea to start an online video sharing service. Their idea was probably one of those blinding flashes of inspiration, like the kind that wakes you from a sound sleep; the modern day equivalent to getting hit on the head with an apple and deciding that gravity ...

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