Chapter 8. Look at Me! Tips for Getting Your Video Seen

In This Chapter

  • Trimming and splitting video clips

  • Adding transitions, titles, and credits

  • Creating slide shows

  • Adding soundtracks, titles, and credits to your videos

  • Adding tags to your videos

  • Getting your video noticed on the Tube

As you've probably noticed, almost as many videos are on the Tube as sites are on the Web. And like Web sites, many of the videos are bad; some in fact are downright awful. If you don't want to be the laughing stock of YouTube, upload something that's well done. And if you really want to gain notoriety on the Tube, you have to upload videos that are interesting, polished, and as professional as possible. In Chapter 7, we show you the building blocks for capturing quality video, editing it, and then optimizing it for the Tube. In this chapter, we kick it up a notch and show you how to make your video stand out against the competition. First, we show you how to trim unwanted video from your clips — you know, the bits where your subject was pouting, or your dog turned his tail toward the camcorder. We also show you how to make your videos shine by adding professional transitions, titles, and ending credits to your videos. In addition, we show you how to master the fine art of adding tags to your video clips.

Your Video on the Cutting Floor

When you download video to your computer, it's exactly what your camcorder captured when you pressed the record button. Inevitably, you end up with some footage that should ...

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