Chapter 10. Thinking outside the YouTube Box

In This Chapter

  • Promoting yourself and your products on the Tube

  • Adding video to an eBay auction

  • Embedding a video in your MySpace page

  • Embedding a video in your MySpace blog

  • Adding a video to your Friendster profile

  • Adding a video to your blog

  • Advertising on the Tube

When YouTube first became the most popular video sharing Web site on the net, most users surfed the Tube looking for entertaining videos. Then YouTube became a Google company, and things started changing. Many companies realized the value of YouTube: It has an audience of millions looking for interesting and informative videos. Major networks such as CBS and Fox became YouTube partners. Aspiring entertainers and comedians posted videos on the Tube. And they were noticed.

So where do you fit into the Tube? If you're just in it to view entertaining videos and to share your own videos with friends and fellow Tubers, we suggest that you skip this chapter and surf the Tube. However, if you're an educator or a businessman, or if you sell stuff on eBay, this chapter is just what your marketing guru ordered. With an audience of millions, the Tube is a portal that you can use to promote yourself, your products, or your services.

Promoting Products and Services on YouTube

A plethora of Tubers promote products and services on the Tube. As registered YouTube users, they have their own channels. Savvy businessmen also know the value of having crosslinks to their Web sites and list the URL in their ...

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