You've Got 8 Seconds

Book description

Every day at work, people do three things: talk, listen, and pretend to listen. That’s not surprising—the average attention span has dropped to 8 seconds. To get heard, says high-stakes communications expert Paul Hellman, you need to focus your message, be slightly different, and deliver with finesse.

Through fast, fun, actionable tips, You’ve Got 8 Seconds explains what works and what doesn’t, what’s forgettable and what sticks. With stories, scripts, and examples of good and bad messages, the book reveals three main strategies:

  • FOCUS: Design a strong message—then say it in seconds.
  • VARIETY: Make routine information come alive.
  • PRESENCE: Convey confidence and command attention

You’ll discover practical techniques, including the Fast-Focus Method™ that the author uses with leadership teams; how to stand out in the first seconds of a presentation; and 10 actions that spell executive presence.

Whether pitching a project, giving a speech, selling a product, or just writing your next email, with You’ve Got 8 Seconds you’ll get heard, get remembered, and get results.

Product information

  • Title: You've Got 8 Seconds
  • Author(s): Paul Hellman
  • Release date: April 2017
  • Publisher(s): AMACOM
  • ISBN: 9780814438312