Yunnan-A Chinese Bridgehead to Asia

Book description

The Chinese Government’s five-year strategy for social and economic development to 2015 includes the aim of making the southwestern province of Yunnan a bridgehead for ‘opening the country’ to southeast Asia and south Asia. Yunnan - A Chinese Bridgehead to Asia traces the dynamic process which has led to this policy goal, a process through which Yunnan is being repositioned from a southwestern periphery of the People’s Republic of China to a ‘bridgehead’ between China and its regional neighbours. It shows how this has been expressed in ideas and policy frameworks, involvement in regional institutions, infrastructure development, and changing trade and investment flows, from the 1980s to the present.

Detailing the wider context of the changes in China's global interactions, especially in Asia, the book uses Yunnan's case to demonstrate the extent of provincial agency in global interactions in reform-era China, and provides new insights into both China’s relationships with its Asian neighbours and the increasingly important economic engagement between developing countries.

  • Offers a new perspective on Yunnan
  • Contains historical depth: understanding the background and developments over time means that this ‘China watching’ book will not date quickly
  • Takes a provincial view of China’s international relations

Table of contents

  1. Cover image
  2. Title page
  3. Table of Contents
  4. Copyright
  5. Dedication
  6. List of figures and tables
  7. List of abbreviations
  8. Note on use of Chinese
  9. Acknowledgements
  10. About the author
  11. Map of Asia
  12. Yunnan timeline
  13. Yunnan place names in Chinese
  14. Chapter 1: Introduction: why Yunnan?
    1. Abstract:
    2. Previous studies on Yunnan
    3. A provincial case study of China’s political and economic relations
    4. Structure of the book
  15. Chapter 2: China in a changing world
    1. Abstract:
    2. Western China and the global economy
    3. China and its Asian neighbours
    4. Provincial agency in China’s global interactions
  16. Chapter 3: Yunnan’s history in regional perspective
    1. Abstract:
    2. From Dian kingdom to Mongol conquest
    3. From Ming integration to ‘inward rebalancing’ in the Qing
    4. Late Qing decline and European incursions
    5. Reform, revolution and the war period in Yunnan
    6. Yunnan from 1949
  17. Chapter 4: Repositioning Yunnan: ideas and policy
    1. Abstract:
    2. Early ideas of ‘opening up’ in Yunnan
    3. Turning point: 1992
    4. Developing ideas and policy
    5. The ‘great international transit route’ and CAFTA
    6. National belonging
    7. Repositioning continued
    8. Conclusion
    9. Acknowledgements
  18. Chapter 5: Yunnan and regional institutions
    1. Abstract:
    2. Early regional engagement: Greater Mekong Subregion
    3. Yunnan and BCIM
    4. New dynamics in the region(s) – CAFTA and a revitalised GMS
    5. Guangxi and regional institutions
    6. Yunnan and domestic regionalism
    7. Conclusion
  19. Chapter 6: Infrastructure development
    1. Abstract:
    2. The early 1990s: limited transport infrastructure
    3. Transport infrastructure in 2001
    4. Further developments: 2006 and beyond
    5. Energy security and infrastructure development
    6. Challenges: politics and international relations
    7. Conclusion
  20. Chapter 7: From border trade to ‘going out’
    1. Abstract:
    2. New trends from 2001
    3. ‘Going out’: outward investment from Yunnan
    4. Domestic trade and investment
    5. Conclusion
  21. Chapter 8: Conclusion
    1. Abstract:
    2. Provincial agency and ‘competitive internationalisation’
    3. China, Asia and global political economy
  22. References
  23. Index

Product information

  • Title: Yunnan-A Chinese Bridgehead to Asia
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: May 2013
  • Publisher(s): Chandos Publishing
  • ISBN: 9780857094452