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Z.E.R.O.: Zero Paid Media as the New Marketing Model

Book Description

The world has changed. Everyone keeps reminding marketers and advertisers about the never ending and accelerating forces of technology disruption, consumer changes, and innovation evolution in the marketing world today. Sounds exciting except for the fact that we're doing absolutely nothing about it. Zero.

Simply put, under current operating conditions, the advertising industry will not be able to sustain itself and without taking action, is likely to result in severe to catastrophic outcomes- from financial underperformance to job loss to even a collapse of the current media ecosystem.

The solution? The Marketing Model can be fixed by slashing your ad budget, and investing in the Z.E.R.O. framework:

  • Zealots

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Retention

  • Owned Assets

  • Table of Contents

    1. Cover Page
    2. Title Page
    3. Copyright
    4. Dedication
    9. SECTION I: The Problem
      1. CHAPTER 1: Madison Avenue
        1. The World Has Changed. The Consumer Has Changed. Marketing Has Not.
      2. CHAPTER 2: A Perfect Storm Is Coming
        1. The End Is Near
        2. Cultural Armageddon
        3. The Game of Numbers
        4. Off Strategy, Off Funnel
        5. If Awareness Is Universal Currency, It's Devaluing Quickly
        6. Paid Media's Last Stand
      3. CHAPTER 3: The Economic Case
        1. How Budgets Are Set
        2. How Marketers Are Incentivized
        3. The System Is Rigged
        4. How Agencies and Other Partners (Suppliers) Are Paid and Incentivized
      4. CHAPTER 4: The Business Case
        1. Credit Where Credit Is Due
      5. CHAPTER 5: The Media Case
        1. Data Point 1: More TVs and More Channels, But Not More Viewing
        2. Data Point 2: Cutting the Cord—New Ways to Watch “TV”
        3. Data Point 3: I Am Watching . . . and Texting . . . and Tweeting . . . and . . .
      6. CHAPTER 6: The Consumer Case
        1. Consumers Have Moved On
        2. Word-of-Mouth Is a Red Herring
        3. So Where's the Rub?
        4. Paid Media Is a Temporary Cultural Phenomenon
        5. Consumers Love Ads—No They Don't
      7. CHAPTER 7: The Creative Case
        1. What If . . .
        2. The Apple That Broke the Camel's Back
        3. Firing Blanks
    10. SECTION II: The Z.E.R.O. Vision
      1. CHAPTER 8: Is It Time to Blow Up the Entire Model?
        1. Help Me Help You
        2. Something's Got to Give
        3. Are You on the Bus?
        4. What's Your Heresy?
        5. What's Your Legacy?
      2. CHAPTER 9: Introducing Z.E.R.O.
        1. Charity Begins at Home
        2. Paid Media Is Reserved for PEONs
        3. Media , a So-Called Term . . .
        4. Setting the Attention Table
        5. Primary Hypothesis and Z.E.R.O. Manifesto
        6. Awaken, Zealots, Awaken
        7. Loyalty and Advocacy Are Not One and the Same
        8. The Real Enemy Is Apathy
        9. Formalizing Advocacy
        10. Pivot, Entrepreneur, Pivot!
        11. Survival Demands Innovation and Creativity
        12. Brands and Startups Are Joined at the Hip
        13. Agile Brands
        14. Hug It Out, Customer, Hug It Out (Retention Expanded)
        15. Taking One Step Backward to Avoid Two Steps Backward
        16. What's the Point in Fishing When Your Net Is Full of Holes?
        17. Convene, Landlords, Convene (Owned Assets Expanded)
        18. Revenge of the Brick
        19. The Coca-Cola Media Company
        20. Think Z.E.R.O. Is a Pipe Dream?
        21. Twitter Is the New YouTube
        22. Oreo-Speedwagon
        23. So You Want More Proof?
        24. Hello, Ladies
        25. Am I Too Small for Z.E.R.O.?
        26. Z.E.R.O. Is a Philosophical Mind Shift
    11. SECTION III: The Z.E.R.O. Action Plan
      1. CHAPTER 10: Culture and Talent
        1. Learning by Doing
        2. Trusting Your Brand to a 20-Something Intern Is a Recipe for Disaster
      2. CHAPTER 11: Tenure
        1. Continuity Bonus
        2. A Royalty Bonus for Innovation
        3. An Imitation (Stealing) Bonus
        4. Build an Electronic Repository of Plans, Learnings, Creative Work, and Results
      3. CHAPTER 12: Compensation
        1. Consumers
        2. Employees
        3. Partners
      4. CHAPTER 13: Budget Setting
      5. CHAPTER 14: Measurement and Insights
        1. More Data, More Confusion
        2. The Marketer's Data Insights World
      6. CHAPTER 15: Use Existing Customers to Gain New Ones
        1. Two-Way Street
        2. The Basics: Cross-Sell and Upsell
        3. Apple of My Eye
        4. Prime Time
        5. Inside-Out Marketing
        6. Silent versus Violent
        7. Are You Lazy, Stupid? Pick Two.
      7. CHAPTER 16: Customer Experience Becomes the Key Strategic Differentiator
        1. Differentiating Your Brand with Customer Experience
        2. Chicken and Customer Service
        3. Branding and Brand Building No Longer Differentiate
        4. Who Owns the Customer?
        5. Everything Communicates, Everyone Communicates
        6. That Is Customer Experience at Its Finest
        7. Connecting the Dots
        8. Customer Experience Is the Difference between Good and Great
      8. CHAPTER 17: The Innovation Imperative
        1. Innovate or Die
        2. The Next Big Thing or the Next Big Thing for You ?
        3. Innovation Continuum
        4. The Stakes Have Never Been Higher: Natural Selection and the Evolution of the Marketing Species
        5. Risk Is Relative
        6. #FailFail
        7. Fail Fast or Fail Smart?
        8. Hey, Fatso, Time to Lose Some Weight
        9. Making it Happen
        10. Taking Stock
        11. One More Thing
      9. CHAPTER 18: Become a Data Junkie
        1. The Geeks Will Inherit the Earth
        2. Data Is Ground Z.E.R.O. of the New Marketing Model
        3. Your Consumer Is Waldo
        4. Connect the Dots. Win a Prize
        5. Big Data. Big Dummy
        6. What We Need Here, People, Is More Cowbell
        7. Nike Is a Technology Company
        8. He Slimed Me
        9. Long-Term Metrics and Milestones
        10. Reframing the Conversation
        11. The Art of Change
      10. CHAPTER 19: From Campaigns to Commitments to Ecosystems
        1. Google Is an Ecosystem
        2. Innovation at 128,000 Feet
        3. Find Your (Brand) Greatness
        4. Everything Is Connected to Everything, and Everyone Is Connected to Everyone
        5. Thanks, Jim, I'll Take It from Here
        6. This Is a Customer-Centric Ecosystem Powered by Technology
        7. How Do You Scale Humanity?
        8. One Step Back to Take One Step Forward
      11. CHAPTER 20: That's Great . . . Now What the Hell Do I Do Next?
        1. Hey, Chubby, Get into That Gym
        2. Work Out Workshop
        3. Jaffe and Albarda's Law of Z.E.R.O. Motion
        4. You Have a Long Way to Go
        5. When You Come to a Fork in the Road, Take It
        6. Embrace Your Inner Masochist
        7. Slay the Sacred Cow
        8. Robin Hood Marketing
        9. Vertical or Horizontal Routes
        10. Press. Press. Press.
        11. Translation: When Budgets Are Cut, It Is Not the First to Go, but the Last
        12. One More Thing: Z.E.R.O. Is Not Free
        13. Keep It Simple, Stupid (KISS)
        14. Putting It All Together
        15. When All Else Fails, Don't Panic
        16. Shift Happens
    12. EPILOGUE
      1. The Twist
      2. Logging Off
    13. NOTES
      1. Preface
      2. Chapter 1: Madison Avenue
      3. Chapter 2: A Perfect Storm Is Coming
      4. Chapter 3: The Economic Case
      5. Chapter 4: The Business Case
      6. Chapter 5: The Media Case
      7. Chapter 6: The Consumer Case
      8. Chapter 8: Is It Time to Blow Up the Entire Model?
      9. Chapter 9: Introducing Z.E.R.O.
      10. Section III: The Z.E.R.O. Action Plan
      11. Chapter 10: Culture and Talent
      12. Chapter 11: Z.E.R.O. Action Plan—Tenure
      13. Chapter 12: Z.E.R.O. Action Plan—Compensation
      14. Chapter 14: Measurement and Insights
      15. Chapter 15: Use Existing Customers to Gain New Ones
      16. Chapter 16: Customer Experience Becomes the Key Strategic Differentiator
      17. Chapter 17: The Innovation Imperative
      18. Chapter 18: Become a Data Junkie
      19. Chapter 19: From Campaigns to Commitments to Ecosystems
      20. Chapter 20: That's Great . . . Now What the Hell Do I Do Next?
      21. EPILOGUE
    14. INDEX