21.2. WebSphere Application Server CTRACE (SYSBBOSS)

WebSphere for z/OS uses the CTRACE component SYSBBOSS to capture and display trace data in trace data sets. You can send the CTRACE output to the spool (SYSPRINT) or to a data set. It is configured by environment variable parameter ras_trace_outputLocation.

To view or set the environment variables, use the WebSphere Application Server administrative console by selecting Select EnvironmentManage WebSphere Variables.

Consider this example:

ras_trace_outputLocation=SYSPRINT | BUFFER | TRCFILE

It specifies where you want trace records to be sent: to SYSPRINT, or a memory buffer (BUFFER) whose contents will be later written to a CTRACE data set, or to a trace data set (TRCFILE) specified on ...

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