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Java® Full Throttle with Paul Deitel: A One-Day, Code-Intensive Java Standard Edition Presentation

Published by Pearson

A code-intensive one-day course

March 12, 2019

2 - 9 p.m. Coordinated Universal Time

This event has ended.

What you’ll learn and how you can apply it

  • Compiling and running Java apps
  • Built-in types, strings, input/output
  • Control statements, methods, arrays
  • Classes, objects, instance variables, instance methods, static methods
  • Value vs. reference types
  • Inheritance, polymorphism, interfaces
  • Exception handling, generic collections
  • Lambdas, streams, parallel streams, functional interfaces
  • JavaFX GUI overview
  • And more.

This live event is for you because…

  • You currently program in a C-based object-oriented language (e.g., C++, C#, Objective-C, Swift) and are looking for a fast-paced introduction to Java Standard Edition for programming professionals.
  • You took a college-level or professional Java course or programmed in Java a while back and want to quickly refresh your Java Standard Edition knowledge.
  • You’re a Java developer using a limited range of Java SE features and would like to see what other features are available.
  • You’re a Java developer who learned an earlier Java version and would like to get up to speed with key recent Java SE releases.


  • Programming in a C-based object-oriented language (e.g., C++, C#, Objective-C, Swift).
  • Previously took a college-level or professional Java course or programmed in Java a while back.
  • Please feel free to contact Paul Deitel directly at to confirm whether this aggressively paced, presentation-only course is appropriate for you.

Recommended Preparation:

  • If you meet the course prerequisites, no additional preparation is required.
  • This is an aggressively paced, presentation-only, code-walkthrough course. There is no lab component to this course. Students will download the code and powerpoint slides. The slides include instructions for setting up the environment and running the code after the course is over—Paul will answer your questions at No other pre-course setup is required

Additional materials, downloads, supplemental content, or resources needed in advance:

  • On the day of the course, we’ll provide links to download the code examples and PowerPoint slides.


The timeframes are only estimates and may vary according to how the class is progressing.

  • Section 1: Compiling and running Java apps
  • Section 2: Intro to Java—Built-in types, strings, input/output, relational/equality operators
  • Section 3: Intro to Classes
  • Section 4: Control Statements, Part 1
  • Section 5: Control Statements, Part 2; Compound Assignment, Increment, Decrement and Logical/Boolean Operators
  • Section 6: Methods, Static Class Members, Scope and enum Types
  • Section 7: Arrays and ArrayLists
  • Section 8: Classes—A Deeper Look
  • Section 9: Inheritance
  • Section 10: Polymorphism, Abstract Classes, Interfaces
  • Section 11: Exception Handling
  • Section 12: JavaFX GUI overview
  • Section 13: Lambdas, Streams, Functional Interfaces
  • Section 14: Concurrency and Parallel Streams

Your Instructor

  • Paul J. Deitel

    Paul J. Deitel, CEO and Chief Technical Officer of Deitel & Associates, Inc., is an MIT graduate with 38 years in computing. Paul is one of the world’s most experienced programming-languages trainers, having taught professional courses to software developers since 1992. He has delivered hundreds of programming courses to industry clients internationally, including Cisco, IBM, Siemens, Sun Microsystems (now Oracle), Dell, Fidelity, NASA at the Kennedy Space Center, the National Severe Storm Laboratory, White Sands Missile Range, Rogue Wave Software, Boeing, Puma, iRobot and many more. He and his co-author, Dr. Harvey M. Deitel, are among the world’s best-selling programming-language textbook/professional book/video authors.

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