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90 Minutes to Working Effectively with Google Docs

Increasing Efficiency, Productivity, and Collaboration in Workplace Communication

Topic: Web & Mobile
Curtis Newbold

Google Docs is one of the most powerful and user-friendly collaboration tools on the market—and it’s free. Becoming well-versed with the platform’s unique and robust tools can make you a more versatile and productive collaborator and, ultimately, a stronger leader and team member.

Join expert Curtis Newbold to walk through both the common and the lesser-known features in Google Docs. You’ll learn how to use Google Docs to enhance working meetings, improve collaborative writing projects remotely, bolster your live events, and find new ways to be productive and efficient.

What you'll learn-and how you can apply it

By the end of this live online course, you’ll understand:

  • Why Google Docs is the most preferred collaborative writing software available today
  • What makes Google Docs a more efficient tool for collaboration and review than traditional desktop publishing programs
  • How you can use Google Docs to enhance productivity in multiple workplace settings, including in-person meetings, virtual and long-distance collaborations, and live training courses

And you’ll be able to:

  • Use Google Docs’s simultaneous writing, editing, and commenting features to enhance collaboration and sharing in real time
  • Insert headers, media, and other organizational features to produce complex, professional documentation
  • Boost productivity and professionalism by applying some of Google Docs’s most powerful tools, such as typing by voice, bookmarking, tagging comments, using suggestion mode, one-click researching, adding fonts, installing add-ons, clearing formatting, searching a revision history, editing an image, and even live chatting

This training course is for you because...

  • You frequently have multiple people working on the same project, but time zones, scheduling conflicts, distance, or workspace has made collaboration difficult.
  • Your organization has made the decision to move to G Suite.
  • You are looking for fresh and innovative ways for your teams to collaborate, share, and revise documents.
  • You are somewhat familiar with Google Docs, but you want to know more about its less well-known but powerful tools and features.


  • Familiarity with standard desktop publishing platforms, such as Microsoft Word
  • A basic understanding of cloud-based storage and retrieval through platforms like Google Drive
  • A Google account (Free—You’ll have to log in in order to create new Google Docs and use most of the features addressed in this course.)

About your instructor

  • Curtis Newbold is an associate professor of communication at Westminster College in Salt Lake City, where he serves as the codirector of an online Master’s of Strategic Communication program; in this role, he’s led student groups on international strategic communication projects in Peru, South Africa, Cambodia, Morocco, Hungary, and Greece. He’s taught at the university level for 15-plus years. His portfolio of instruction includes over 30 different courses on topics such as integrated marketing communications, brand strategy, business and technical writing, public speaking, infographics in popular media, visual communication, web design and site development, publication design, and related topics. He’s also helped develop and deliver several workshops, webinars, and presentations for organizations around the world. Curtis is the owner and operator of the popular communications blog The Visual Communication Guy, and he frequently works as a consultant, graphic designer, and communications specialist for small businesses. Curtis holds a PhD in rhetorics, communication, and information design (RCID) from Clemson University.


The timeframes are only estimates and may vary according to how the class is progressing

Getting to know Google Docs: Road map (5 minutes)

  • Presentation: Course road map
  • Group discussion: How often do you use Google Docs? How would you rate your abilities with Google Docs?

What Google Docs is and why it’s such a powerful tool (15 minutes)

  • Presentation: Benefits of Google Docs; Google Docs’s greatest asset—real-time, simultaneous collaboration; how the experts use it
  • Group discussion: How have you used Google Docs in your workplace? What, if anything, keeps you from using it more?

Getting around Google Docs (20 minutes)

  • Presentation: Download, version history, move to folder, and page setup; copy, paste, cut, undo, redo, and paste without formatting; editing, suggesting, viewing, document outline; images, tables, drawings, headers, footers, and page numbers; format (main toolbar); spelling, word count, and dictionary; formatting; linking, commenting, and inserting
  • Break (5 minutes)

Productivity tools (10 minutes)

  • Presentation: Quick intro to productivity; formatting clearing; research and “explore” tools; revision history; bookmarking and outlining; image editing; voice typing
  • Group discussion: What do you find to be the most valuable productivity tool in Google Docs?

Collaboration tools (10 minutes)

  • Presentation: Quick intro to collaboration; sharing documents; synchronous editing; suggesting mode; comment tagging; live chatting
  • Group discussion: What do you find to be the most valuable collaboration tool in Google Docs?

Special features (10 minutes)

  • Presentation: Quick intro to special features; add-ons; templates; language translation; comparing documents

Workplace scenarios and conclusion (10 minutes)

  • Presentation: Quick intro to workplace scenarios; Google Docs with collaborative documents; Google Docs in meetings; Google Docs in training courses and classrooms

Wrap-up and Q&A (5 minutes)