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Artificial Intelligence - The Things That Matter Most To Executives

Alex Castrounis

Advanced analytics such as artificial intelligence and machine learning are becoming increasingly critical to developing innovative, differentiated, competitive, and successful businesses and products. AI is a powerful and growing field that can unlock the value of data, and ultimately transform businesses, industries, and human experiences.

This course is designed to give executives and practitioners a high-level overview of artificial intelligence (AI) as applied to business, and covers topics such as why to pursue, and how to prepare for AI projects, how AI can be used to achieve goals, and ultimately how to help ensure AI project success.

What you'll learn-and how you can apply it

  • What artificial intelligence is and isn't
  • Why and how AI can be used to achieve business goals
  • How to prepare for AI projects, including organizationally
  • Typical costs, assumptions, risks, and considerations
  • The current state of AI and the hype surrounding it
  • The potential future of AI

At a high-level participants will be able to:

  • Understand why and how AI can be used to achieve business goals
  • Leverage concepts learned to help guide preparation and decisions for successful pursuit of AI projects
  • Understand the difference between AI hype and reality

This training course is for you because...

  • You are a business executive or technical practitioner interested in learning more about artificial intelligence.


  • No background or prerequisites are required.

About your instructor

  • Alex Castrounis is the author of AI for People and Business: A Framework for Better Human Experiences and Business Success and founder, CEO, and principal consultant of InnoArchiTech.

    An expert in business, analytics, and product management, Alex has nearly 20 years of innovation experience. His primary areas of expertise are data science, advanced analytics, and product management.

    Alex has helped companies in many industries and of all sizes to benefit from technological innovation and digital transformation, and to build great data products. Alex is also an experienced speaker and teacher who has helped thousands of people grasp the details and benefits of data science and advanced analytics.


The timeframes are only estimates and may vary according to how the class is progressing

This course is taught continuously for an hour and will consist of the topics listed below. Questions will be answered throughout the course, where possible, and time frame will be allotted at the end for Q&A.

  • Course Overview
  • What is AI?
  • Why AI for Business?
  • How is AI Used?
  • Organizational Readiness For AI
  • The data powering AI
  • The costs of AI
  • Assumptions and Risks
  • Considerations
  • AI… Hype or Reality?
  • The Future of AI