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Being a Successful Remote Worker

Discover What You’ll Need and How to Adapt Mentally When Switching from An Office Job to Working from Home

Jason Rich

As a result of the Coronavirus epidemic currently spreading around the world, millions of people are being forced to leave their traditional office jobs and begin working from home – without their usual support staff, coworkers, equipment, and supervision.

While working from home is often a viable option that’ll allow many people to keep their jobs and fulfill their job responsibilities, adapting to this new work environment requires some significant alteration to your regular work habits and schedule.

Being a Successful Remote Worker covers these areas and provides participants with valuable information and resources needed to quickly adapt to their new work environment, develop the skills needed to collaborate with people via the Internet, and use multiple forms of communication (beyond just the telephone and email) to stay in touch with coworkers, supervisors, customers, clients, suppliers, and others.

By participating in this program, participants will streamline the learning curve associated with working from home. You’ll obtain a competitive edge when it comes to remaining productive and completing your work-related responsibilities without compromising your personal, family, and home responsibilities.

What you'll learn-and how you can apply it

  • Quickly create an efficient home office work environment/workspace.
  • Gather the equipment and applications needed to work remotely.
  • Develop the skillset needed to work from home, without your coworkers, support staff, or supervisors working from the same location.
  • Learn to adjust your “work mentality,” which often means enhancing one’s time management skills, organizational skills, and ability to stay focused (despite the many distractions working from home often provides).
  • Discover the tools and applications used by remote workers to effectively collaborate and communicate, while avoiding the misuse of these applications that leads to wasted time, costly mistakes, miscommunications, and human error when it comes to sharing confidential information or data.
  • Learn strategies for better managing your time and avoiding the at-home distractions that result in missed deadlines, mistakes, and lack of focus.
  • Develop the personal work habits that’ll allow you to handle your work-related responsibilities, without allowing your work life to drastically interfere with your home life.

This training course is for you because...

  • You need to adapt to a new way of thinking and working as you’re forced to leave your traditional office and work from home.
  • You lack the core skillset needed to successfully work from home.
  • You need to quickly create the most productive workspace possible within your home, without spending a fortune. This includes choosing where in your home you’ll work from, and making sure everything from your desk and office chair, to the lighting, temperature, noise level, and air quality are optimized for your comfort, focus, and personal work habits.
  • You need to alter your work habits and work-related mentality to adapt to your new, at-home work environment, where you’re alone. In-person, face-to-face communication with your supervisors, coworkers, support staff, customers, clients, and suppliers, for example, is now replaced by phone calls, emails, video calls, text messaging, instant messaging, virtual meetings, and cloud-based collaboration and file sharing.


  • There are no prerequisites for Being a Successful Remote Worker

About your instructor

  • Jason R. Rich is an internationally recognized author, journalist, and photographer who specializes in consumer electronics, the Internet, social media, and eCommerce. He’s written several dozen books, including: Working in the Cloud: Using Web-Based Applications and Tools to Collaborate Online (Que/Pearson), My Online Privacy for Seniors (Que/Pearson), The Ultimate Guide to YouTube for Business, 2nd Edition (Entrepreneur Press), The Crowd Funding Services Handbook (Wiley), and Start Your Own Podcasting Business (Entrepreneur Press).

    He also continuously writes articles for major daily newspapers, national magazines, and popular websites. In addition to having successfully worked from home since 1986, Jason R. Rich travels around the world lecturing aboard cruise ships, and typically sets up a home office within his cabin to continue his writing and remote work efforts while at sea.


The timeframes are only estimates and may vary according to how the class is progressing

Segment 1: Establishing Your Home Office (30 Minutes)

  • Create the optimal at-home work environment
  • Avoid the common at-home workspace challenges and mistakes
  • Adapt the space at your disposal

Segment 2: Equipping Your Home Office (30 Minutes)

  • Analyze your needs, personal work habits, and requirements
  • Gather the office furniture and equipment you’ll need
  • Install and use the software, computer applications, and mobile apps needed to securely and effectively communicate with coworkers, supervisors, customers, clients, suppliers, etc., including a work-related messaging app (such as Slack), a virtual meeting app (such as Zoom or GoToMeetings), and a cloud-based file-sharing and collaboration service (such as Dropbox)
  • Ensure a secure Internet connection – use a VPN and avoid “sharing” Internet with neighbors or using public Wi-Fi hotspots whenever possible
  • Break: 10 Minutes

Segment 3: Develop Your Work-From-Home Mentality (30-45 Minutes)

  • Analyze your time management skills, organizational skills, and virtual communication skills
  • Learn to handle the added responsibility of being your own supervisor and disciplinarian
  • Understand the social implications of working from home
  • Manage the logistics and avoid the distractions of working from home
  • Develop a disciplined, efficient, and productive work habit that’s suitable for a home environment
  • Avoid loneliness and compensate for the lack of in-person (face-to-face) interaction with coworkers, supervisors, customers, clients, suppliers, etc.
  • Continue to dress for success! Always be ready for impromptu video calls or virtual meetings.
  • Maintain your professional attitude.

Exercise/Activity (10 minutes)

  • Analyze your personality, work habits, and skills. Determine how these skills and experiences will help you while working from home.
  • Determine the top five biggest distractions and challenges you’ll face as you’re forced to work alone from home.
  • Figure out what work habits you’ll need to change or develop to adapt to your new work environment.
  • Break: 10 Minutes

Segment 4: Ways to Virtually Collaborate with Your Team (30 minutes)

  • Choose and install the specific collaboration tools you’ll need and make sure your entire team has those same tools. Compatibility is essential.
  • Learn how to effectively use the selected tools while maintaining security.
  • Develop your team rules, policies, and procedures (based on existing corporate culture) for using the appropriate tools
  • Avoid the biggest mistakes made when using these tools

Segment 5: Course Wrap-Up and Next Steps (15 minutes)

Question and Answer Session – 5 to 15 Minutes (As Needed)