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Exam AZ-203: Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure Crash Course

Prepare for the AZ-203 certification exam

Sidney Andrews

This focused live online training will help get you kick-started on your journey to studying for and eventually passing the AZ-203 Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure certification exam. Throughout this event, instructor Sidney Andrews, an Azure development subject-matter expert, will touch on multiple Azure services that are key to developers such as Azure Container Registry, App Service, Azure Storage, Azure Cosmos DB, Virtual Machines, Azure Functions, and more. Over two days, this live online training will also give you multiple opportunities to get hands-on with Azure services covered in the certification exam. With an expert to guide you, you can try the services directly and implement solutions that will help you prepare to pass the certification exam.

What you'll learn-and how you can apply it

  • Manage Azure resources using the portal
  • Automate management of compute Virtual Machine infrastructure with the Azure CLI
  • Host container images in Azure Container Registry and deploy containers to Azure Container Instances, Azure App Service, and Azure Kubernetes Service
  • Deploy application code using Kudu in Azure App Service
  • Write Azure Function code, triggers, inputs and outputs using the in-portal editor
  • Develop solutions using Azure Storage Blobs and Queues
  • Write programmatic JavaScript code and issue SQL queries to Azure Cosmos DB
  • Authenticate against Azure Active Directory and Microsoft Graph using MSAL library
  • Monitor existing solution metrics and logs using Azure Monitor
  • Search text data using an Azure Search indexer and index
  • Create an API proxy using Azure API Management
  • Build an automated workflow using Azure Logic Apps
  • Publish and subscribe to Event Grid events

This training course is for you because...

  • This training helps prepare you to take the AZ-203 Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure certification exam.
  • This training enables developers to use the wide variety of Azure services from C# and .NET Core applications.


  • Experience using C# and, ideally, .NET Core
  • Basic understanding of Azure’s resource model
  • Experience with Azure App Service, Virtual Machines and Storage
  • Hands-on time spent using the Azure portal

Course Set-up

Recommended Preparation

Recommended Follow-up

About your instructor

  • Sidney Andrews is an Azure MVP and a Microsoft Certified Training Regional Lead located in Richmond, VA. Sidney has authored multiple official developer and Azure courses including 70-532, 70-535, AZ-200, AZ-201, and AZ-203. Sidney has been featured as a presenter on Channel 9, Ignite and Build. His specialties include Azure, NoSQL, XAML, C# and TypeScript.


The timeframes are only estimates and may vary according to how the class is progressing

Day 1

Segment 1: Azure Portal Length: 30 mins

  • Portal Terminology
  • Dashboards
  • Cloud Shell

Segment 2: Virtual Machines Length: 30 mins

  • Virtual Machines
  • Management using Azure CLI
  • Management using C# Fluent API
  • Virtual Machine Scale Sets

Break: 10 mins

Demo: Containers using the Portal and Cloud Shell Length: 30 mins

  • Attendees will create two Docker container images for a .NET Core application, deploy them to Azure Container Registry and then use them with Azure Container Instances and App Service.
  • Exercises: Create Docker Container Image, Deploy Container Image to Azure Container Registry, Deploy Azure Container, Instance from an Azure Containre Registry Image, Deploy Multi-Container Solution to App Service

Segment 3: App Service & Kudu Length: 20 mins

  • App Service
  • Web Apps, Mobile and API Apps
  • Kudu
  • App Service for Containers

Break: 10 mins

Segment 4: Container Services Length: 30 mins

  • Azure Container Registry
  • Azure Container Instances
  • Azure Kubernetes Service

Demo: Storage Blobs in Azure Functions Length: 30 mins

  • Attendees will create an Azure Function and then interact with Storage blobs two ways: First, they will use the .NET SDK for Storage; Then, they will use the built-in triggers and bindings for Azure Functions.
  • Exercises: Create Azure Function, Modify Storage Blobs using .NET SDK, Update Function to use Triggers and Bindings

Break: 10 mins

Segment 5: Azure Functions Length: 30 mins

  • Azure Functions
  • In-portal Editor
  • Triggers, Input and Output Bindings
  • Durable Functions

Segment 6: Azure Storage Length: 30 mins

  • Blobs
  • Queues
  • .NET SDK

Day 2

Segment 7: Azure Cosmos DB Length: 30 mins

  • Azure Cosmos DB
  • JavaScript Features
  • .NET SDK

Segment 8: Azure Active Directory & MSAL Length: 30 mins

  • Azure Active Directory
  • Microsoft Authentication Library (MSAL)
  • Microsoft Graph
  • Microsoft Graph SDK

Break: 10 mins

Demo: Querying Microsoft Graph using Azure Active Directory and MSAL Length: 30 mins

  • Attendees will use the MSAL package on NuGet to authenticate to Azure Active Directory and will then connect to the Microsoft Graph securely.
  • Exercises: Authenticating to Azure Active Directory using MSAL, Querying the Microsoft Graph using the REST API, Querying the Microsoft Graph using the Graph SDK

Segment 9: Azure Search Length: 30 mins

  • Azure Search
  • Search Indexes
  • Indexers
  • Search Queries

Break: 10 mins

Segment 10: Azure API Management Length: 30 mins

  • Azure API Management
  • APIs, Products and Offers
  • API Policies

Demo: Azure Search & API Management Length: 30 mins

  • Attendees will combine Azure Search’s REST API with Azure API Management as a proxy tier.
  • Exercises: Create SQL Data Source, Build Azure Search Indexer, Build Azure API Management front-end

Break: 10 mins

Segment 11: Logic Apps Length: 30 mins

  • Logic Apps
  • Authoring Workflows
  • Custom Connectors
  • Custom Templates

Segment 12: Event Grid Length: 30 mins

  • Event Grid
  • Publishers/Subscribers
  • Topics
  • Custom Topics