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Exam MS-900: Microsoft 365 Fundamentals Crash Course

Topic: System Administration
Andrew Warren

This course is intended for Information Technology (IT) professionals who want to gain foundational knowledge about the considerations for implementing Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud services. The course focuses on the benefits and considerations of implementing cloud services using Microsoft 365. The course also provides content that will help IT professionals that want to study for the MS-900 Microsoft 365 Fundamentals exam.

Microsoft 365 is a critical collection of technologies for Microsoft, and many students are seeking to gain understanding of these technologies. This course provides the foundation knowledge for Microsoft 365, what it does, and how to plan for it. The course can also be considered as a foundation for more advanced Microsoft technology courses and exams, such as MD-100: Windows 10, MD-101: Managing Modern Desktops, MS-100: Microsoft 365 Identity and Services, and MS-101: Microsoft 365 Mobility and Security.

What you'll learn-and how you can apply it

After taking this course, students will be able to:

  • Understand Cloud Concepts
  • Describe Core Microsoft 365 Services and Concepts
  • Describe Security, Compliance, Privacy, and Trust in Microsoft 365
  • Understand Microsoft 365 Pricing and Support

This training course is for you because...

  • IT professionals


  • Some basic understanding of cloud services such as Azure or Microsoft 365
  • Use of a Microsoft client operating system, such as Windows 7 or Windows 10
  • Basic knowledge of networking components and terminology

Recommended Follow-up

About your instructor

  • Andrew has been writing for Microsoft for many years, helping to develop their official curriculum instructor-led training material. He has served as a subject matter expert on many of the current Windows Server 2016 courses, was technical lead on several of the Windows 10 titles, and was involved in Microsoft 365, Azure, and Intune course development. When not writing about Microsoft technologies, he’s to be found in the classroom, teaching other IT professionals what they need to know to manage their organization’s IT infrastructure.

    Outside of IT, Andrew is the author of five books about the First World War, and spends much of his time on the battlefields of France acting as an occasional tour guide. He lives in rural Somerset, England.


The timeframes are only estimates and may vary according to how the class is progressing

Lesson 1: Understand the Benefits and Considerations of Cloud Services (10 minutes)

  • Understand cloud services
  • Detail the advantages of cloud computing

Lesson 2: Understand the Types of Cloud Services (10 minutes)

  • Understand cloud architectures
  • Compare cloud service models

Lesson 3: Describe the Core Microsoft 365 Components (20 minutes)

  • Describe Windows 10 Enterprise
  • Understand Exchange Online
  • Understand SharePoint Online
  • Understand Microsoft Teams
  • Describe Enterprise Mobility + Security

Lesson 4: Compare Core Services with On-premises Solutions (10 minutes)

  • Deployment
  • Updates
  • Cost
  • Administration
  • Security
  • Service comparisons

Lesson 5: Understand Modern Management (30 minutes)

  • Transition to modern management
  • Understand Windows as a Service (Waas)
  • Describe the usage of Microsoft 365 portals
  • Understand the Microsoft deployment and release model

Lesson 6: Understand Office 365 ProPlus (20 minutes)

  • Compare Office 365 ProPlus with on-premises Office
  • Deploy Office

Lesson 7: Understand Collaboration and Mobility with Microsoft 365 (15 minutes)

  • Understand Microsoft 365 collaboration tools
  • Collaborate in Microsoft 365
  • Understand enterprise mobility

Lesson 8: Describe Microsoft 365 Analytics Capabilities (15 minutes)

  • Describe Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics
  • Describe Microsoft 365 Usage Analytics
  • Understand MyAnalytics
  • Describe Workplace Analytics


Lesson 9: Understand Security and Compliance Concepts with Microsoft 365 (10 minutes)

  • Understand risk management
  • Understand key security pillars

Lesson 10: Understand Identity Protection and Management (20 minutes)

  • Understand identities
  • Understand authentication
  • Protect documents

Lesson 11: Understand Unified Endpoint Management, Security Usage Scenarios and Services (20 minutes)

  • Understand Microsoft 365 and Directory Services
  • Understand SCCM and Intune co-management
  • Compare security usage scenarios
  • Address common threats

Lesson 12: Understand the Service Trust Portal and Compliance Manager (10 minutes)

  • Understand Service Trust Portal
  • Understand Compliance Manager
  • Address common cloud adoption showstoppers


Lesson 13: Understand Microsoft 365 Licensing Options (15 minutes)

  • Describe Microsoft 365 subscription options
  • Sell Microsoft 365
  • License Microsoft 365
  • Implement best practices

Lesson 14: Plan, Predict, and Compare Pricing (10 minutes)

  • Perform cost-benefit analysis for cloud vs. on-premises networks
  • Understand volume licensing
  • Understand billing and bill management

Lesson 15: Describe Support Offerings (10 minutes)

  • Describe service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Create support requests
  • Determine service health

Lesson 16: Understand the Microsoft 365 Service Lifecycle (5 minutes)

  • Understand lifecycle policies
  • Understand support periods
  • Understand previews