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Introduction to customer experience

Properly defining customer experiences that drive marketing performance and capture customer mindshare

Dennis Wakabayashi

Figuring out how much value your company delivers to your customers is more science than art, especially when every step can be measured. The return on investment of measuring your customer’s interactions with purchasing your product or service is evident. But even with all the interest surrounding customer experience (CX), there's still confusion about what it is and how to turn it into operational success.

In this hands-on training, Dennis Wakabayashi demystifies customer experience, walking you through the frameworks, tools, and methodologies that guide marketing CX practices and demonstrating how to bring them to life in the business environment. You'll learn how to define customer experiences properly so they can be connected to the rest of the marketing ecosystem and how to align data, marketing tactics, and measurement. You'll also discover how using CX frameworks can reveal all of your customers' journeys and their paths to purchase for your product or service, helping guide decision making across your organization. You'll leave ready to immediately put these concepts to work in your own company.

What you'll learn-and how you can apply it

By the end of this live online course, you’ll understand:

  • The importance of different customer experience measuring techniques
  • Why timing is valuable to competition, return on investments, and alignment across stakeholder teams on both the client and agency sides of customer experience
  • How to effectively compete for customer mindshare in cluttered digital and content marketplaces

And you’ll be able to:

  • Properly define customer experiences that are meaningful to business outcomes
  • Develop customer experience content calendars to competitively capture customer mindshare during key battlegrounds throughout the year
  • Understand customer experience business practices that align multiple business stakeholders and leverage true omnichannel opportunities

This training course is for you because...

  • You're a business leader (sales, marketing, digital, or client leadership) who wants to understand how CX influences business decisions and how to leverage CX to benefit your organization.
  • You're an advertising, public relations, or marketing executive who wants to understand how CX helps deliver customer lifetime value and other types of ROI.
  • You’re a CX or marketing professional who wants to know how to translate customer experience into operational effectiveness across teams within any organization.


  • Experience with service mapping, customer journey mapping, or basic advertising and marketing programs
  • Familiarity with digital marketing or marketing automation (useful but not required)

Recommended preparation:

The Four Harmonies of Modern Marketing” (article)

It's Time to #getreal on the #CX Hype” (article)

The Value of Customer Experience Quantified” (video)

How to Use Customer Journey Mapping” (chapter 6 in The Customer Experience Book)

Evolution of Relationships with Customers and Strategic Customer Experiences” (chapter 1 in Managing Customer Experience and Relationships)

The Big Picture” (chapter 1 in User Story Mapping)

Fundamentals of Mapping Experiences” (chapter 2 in Mapping Experiences)

About your instructor

  • Dennis Wakabayashi is an innovative Customer Experience evangelist and senior digital marketing strategist with a proven track record of client success. He has a deep understanding of consumer engagement, digital media, and reporting analytics. Simply put, for the last 20 years, he has been dedicated to integrated marketing that works.

    In the past year, Dennis was ranked in the top 5% of social media influencers by Klear.com, was recognized as one of the 25 Most Influential Email Marketers You Should Follow by Campaign Monitor, and Cision named him one of the world’s top 50 email marketing influencers. He is a well-known CX subject matter expert and contributes topical posts on digital media and consumer experience for sites like brandwatch, as well as guest blogs for other top digital media influencers sites. Most recently, he was named one of Campaign US’ Digital 40 over 40.

    After being frustrated with the conventional approach to CX, Dennis developed his own methodology that resulted in a more multi-faceted, cohesive consumer experience and more successful client ROI. He currently leads the Consumer Experience (CX) practice known in the industry as CX3 at Dallas-based Integer, where he and his team deliver integrated engagement programs that improve brand reputation and drive strategic customer acquisition for clients like FedEx Office, Wells Fargo, Starbucks, and See's Candies.


The timeframes are only estimates and may vary according to how the class is progressing

Defining Customer Experience

Lecture: What Is Customer Experience? (10 minutes) - Creation of a shared vision of customer experience marketing with a focus on delivering customer lifetime value (CLTV). The evolution of digital marketing will be explored to reveal how it led the transformation of modern CX practices that now deliver high value through content relevancy and personalized marketing. - Exercise: How we can get smart about CX - quick (5 minutes)

Lecture: Introduction to the Customer Lifetime Value Ecosystem (15 minutes) - Together we will discuss the strategy of migrating customers from unknown to known to drive Customer Lifetime Value. You will learn how Content and CX work together to create the foundation of measurable Customer Lifetime Value.

Understanding Customer Experience Mapping

Lecture: Why Do Customer Journeys Come Last? (10 minutes) - How does it work? In this section, we’ll explore how to use the customer lifetime value ecosystem to reveal customer journeys and address common marketing questions that can be answered by understanding customer journeys. - Exercise: Tell me more! (10 minutes) <br> Open Q/A to facilitate the conversation. This is where most people want to dig in and ask questions about customer journeys.

Lecture: Tools that can help you define customer journeys (10 minutes) - Introduction of two tools that can transform your current marketing data into actionable customer experience dashboards: www.Pointillist.com and www.Thunderhead.com

Break (10 minutes)

Developing a CX Strategy

Lecture: Human-Centered Marketing (10 minutes) - Learn how to place the customer at the center of marketing experiences and use the understanding as a fundamental starting place for your CX strategy. - Exercise: Starting with humans in mind: Developing your CX persona (10 minutes) <br> We’ll review an example persona and use it as a basis for our stakeholder alignment and content planning exercises.

Lecture: CX Stakeholder Alignment (10 minutes) - You’ll learn how to systematically align different stakeholders within the organization to work together to craft and measure customer experience. The key takeaway is the understanding that CX strategy relies on cross-functional teamwork and alignment to be effective. - Exercise: Teamwork Dreamwork (30 minutes) <br> Participants vote as a group on each stage of CX Alignment Map and over the course of the exercise create a unified view of the customer, channels, and alignment.

Break (10 minutes)

Content Planning and Customer Mindshare: Building a CX Content Calendar

Lecture: Understanding How Content Strategy Works (10 minutes) - We’ll discuss two key aspects of integrated content strategy: 1) Stakeholder alignment to improve content performance and 2) Strategic content planning to win customer mindshare. - Exercise: Strategic integrated content (30 minutes) <br> Participants will vote on options to populate an example content calendar giving everyone hands-on experience with integrating content to win customer mindshare and share of voice during key time periods.

Lecture: Operationalizing Customer Experience Strategies (10 minutes) - Examine an example that connects CX, content strategy, and resources to create new kinds of operational intelligence.

Wrap-up and Q&A (10 minutes)