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Strategic Product Vision for Designers

Harnessing Strategic Thinking and a New Product Vision to Better Your Design Career

Laura Fish

Let’s call it how it is: big business has yet to recognize design as a core competency. Without that seat at the table, designers aren’t positioned (or encouraged) to reach their full potential. This is hurting both business and design.

The modern designer wave is set to be the revolutionary shift that transforms design. A shift that I believe will trigger the digital product space to rearrange and unify, comprehensively integrating the 4 product disciplines—design, technology, research and business—to mindfully craft the best experience for the user. Course correcting many the wayward enterprise ship. This is the beginning of a new era, with the designer leading the way. For those of us working in the digital product space, the modern designer is a strategic designer who drives the keystone of a digital product, the new product vision (visioneering).

Beyond any one process, visioneering speaks to championing the keystone of a digital product—the new product vision—from a place rooted in mindful strategy, purposeful collaboration and calculated flexibility. This course is an introduction for the predominantly output-tethered designers (UXD, UX/UI, IA, IxD, etc.) working in today’s digital product space looking to make the leap to strategic designer. And then harness their newfound strategic power through vision. Ultimately finding themselves on a better path forward for their design career, their company and their product contributions.

What you'll learn-and how you can apply it

By the end of this live, online course, you will:

  • Be clear on the values and mindset that separate the output-tethered designer from the strategic designer, and how to leverage the new product vision to develop a strategic maturity.
  • Learn what the new product vision (visioneering) is—and why this practice is a worthy, necessary cause.
  • Realize the importance and place of the new product vision as the keystone of a digital product. Understand how the absence of planning for a product’s strategic vision is directly contributing to the most pressing problems in the digital product space.

And you’ll be able to:

  • Now as a modern designer you’ll start the journey that will advance you from today’s output-tethered designer (UXD, UX/UI, IA, IxD, etc.) to strategic designer.
  • Grasp a new foundation a strategic designer will need to strategically both anchor design decisions and champion the new product vision.
  • Get an edge that elevates the designer and their respective design work to influence high-level decisions.

This training course is for you because...

  • You are an output-tethered designer (UXD, UX/UI, IA, IxD, etc.) experiencing frustration with your design career in the digital product space.
  • You’re a digital product program colleague of these designers—business associates, product managers, researchers, scrum team owners and stakeholders—and are looking to better support your designer staff.


Recommended Preparation

Pre-course Written Exercise: Write a few (honest) sentences about your current role as a designer in big business. - How do your digital product space colleagues perceive the designer’s role? - What are the differences between the perceived role vs. actual role? - What is your ideal role as a designer? - How did your college education prepare you for big business, or fall short?

Pre-course reading (online articles): - The New Product Vision is a Strategic Compass. By Laura Fish. Strategic vision was lost during the waterfall-to-agile transition; this is the vision reincarnated for an agile world.

Recommended Follow-up

  • Medium Publication: All of my articles and essays are current on my medium.com publication. Our designer movement will better unify and strengthen with medium.com’s large community of designer readership. So, let’s use this forum for connecting, commentary and dialog!
  • Website: Guide to Visioneering. Sign-up for newsletter, updates, and other resources. You can also contact me directly via the site.
  • Scott Kiekbusch’s Medium Publication: Think Like a Designer. Thinking like a designer goes beyond creating great products; it’s a mindset that can enhance your career, your business, even your life.
  • The Designer Struggle, It Be Real. By Laura Fish. Learning from the hardships to grow and reach our higher calling as designers.

About your instructor

  • Boston-based, Laura Fish is a digital product designer focusing on strategy and vision(eering). She’s currently authoring The Designer’s Guide to Visioneering and organizing the respective movement to help fellow designer’s level-up.

    Over the course of a 15-year career, her design and product vision work would earn her a spot as a major influencer to leadership running notable Fortune 500 companies. To reach that elevated position, she had the foresight to evolve her product game and strategic maturity to eventually emerge as the bridge that connects design-to-business. She then honed that strategically-savvy product mindset to better champion her love for the vision.

    After years calibrating that thinking, she realized she had unexpectedly made the pilgrimage from a user experience designer to a digital product designer. And through her new digital product designer lens, she was exercising a new strategic take on the vision as applied to the digital product space: visioneering.

    Now she’s dedicated to helping user experience designers standing in the spot she once stood… wanting to find a better way forward for their career, their company and their product work. Call her the visioneering sherpa, here to guide the journey.

    When she’s not solving pixel problems or arguing with Siri, she’s working on her artwork.


The timeframes are only estimates and may vary according to how the class is progressing

Segment 1: The State of the Designer Length (50 minutes)

  • Introduction
  • Visioneering
  • Why Big Business

Break (10 min)

Segment 2: re-Design School Length (50 minutes)

  • Higher Calling
  • The New Foundation
  • The Strategist
  • Love Your Business Partner

Break (10 min)

Segment 3: Overview of Visioneering in Action Length (30 minutes)

  • The Communication Essentials
  • The Visioneering Journey
  • The After Journey

Segment 4: Next Steps Length (20 minutes)

  • Q&A & wrap-up
  • Resources and next steps designers can leverage to keep the momentum going