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Unlocking Agility: 7 Signs Your Company Is Becoming More Agile

A Mike Cohn Signature Series Training by Jorgen Hesselberg

Jorgen Hesselberg

In a world characterized by accelerating volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, embracing a more agile way of working is no longer optional - it’s essential for corporate survival. Yet, digital transformation efforts have notoriously high failure rates and frequent tales of “fake agile” abound. So how do you know whether your enterprise transformation efforts are succeeding? How can you tell whether your organization is on the path towards unlocking agility?

This interactive session will gauge your transformation efforts by identifying seven concrete signs that reveal whether you’re making meaningful progress towards agility. Based on the research and practical experience from one of the industry’s leading organizational transformation consultants, you’ll be able to quickly assess where you need to shift your strategic focus as well as pinpointing where you should amplify further.

What you'll learn-and how you can apply it

By the end of this live, hands-on, online course, you’ll understand:

  • The key reasons enterprise transformations fail
  • Concrete norms and behaviors that indicate you’re on the right path
  • That enterprise transformations go beyond the frameworks to build a culture of continuous improvement
  • Examples of the very tangible benefits achieved by organizations that embrace a more agile way of working
  • Why taking a holistic perspective of enterprise agility is critical for optimizing for the whole and achieving meaningful business results

And you’ll be able to:

  • Understand that a more agile way of working is not appropriate in all contexts
  • Quickly recognize whether your transformation efforts are on the right track
  • Recalibrate your transformation strategy where it matters
  • Hear real-world examples of successes and failures in building organizational agility
  • Remove organizational impediments by recognizing them before they become persistent

This training course is for you because...

  • You are an agile transformation coach and would like to go beyond the frameworks to understand what organizational norms need to change for real transformation to occur
  • You lead a PMO and want concrete guidance regarding what type of behavior changes you can expect to observe as your organization becomes more agile
  • You are a Scrum Master who would like to support change efforts beyond the team, but need guidance on where you can make the most meaningful impact
  • You are a change leader who would like to understand how you can better align your operational strategy to your business strategy


  • No prerequisites

Recommended Preparation:

Although there are no formal prerequisites for gaining value out of the class, if you want to brush up on Agile concepts and methodologies before class, I recommend the following resources

Recommended Follow-up:

About your instructor

  • Jorgen Hesselberg is the author of Unlocking Agility and co-founder of Comparative Agility, a leading agile assessment and continuous improvement platform. A proven leader of numerous successful enterprise transformation efforts since 2009, Jorgen provides strategic guidance, executive counsel, and coaching to some of the world’s most respected companies both as an internal change agent and an external consultant. He has trained thousands of people on agile and Scrum, disruptive innovation, and enterprise transformation strategy.


The timeframes are only estimates and may vary according to how the class is progressing

The Agile Imperative: Why Enterprise Agility is critical in a VUCA world (5 minutes)

  • The forces that affect today’s business environment and why embracing agility is becoming a key executive focus for today’s leading companies

Benefits of Agility: Concrete Examples of Companies that are Making the Journey (10 minutes)

  • Four examples of companies that are becoming more agile and what type of business results they achieved:
  • HERE
  • ING
  • Equinior
  • Nokia

Failure Patterns: What are some of the main reasons enterprise transformations fail? (10 minutes)

  • Detail concrete reasons organizational transformation efforts fail.
  • What are some of the factors you’re experiencing in your organizations today?

Unlocking Agility: 7 Signs You’re on the Right Path (30 minutes)

  • The seven concrete signs you’re becoming a more agile organization:
  • Do you want to be right or successful?
  • Distributing responsibility – ensure incentives and metrics optimize for the whole
  • Aiming for “good enough” certainty
  • Appreciating the importance of doing less at once
  • Understanding the economics of your decisions: Cost of Delay
  • Learning to let go of the (illusion of) control
  • Recognizing that a system is the product of its interactions
  • Q&A: To what degree are these signs prevalent in your organization? If not, what can you do to make people aware of the impact?

Holistic Perspective: Understanding the 5 Dimensions of Agility (25 minutes)

  • Identify the five dimensions of agility and how they interact to affect the degree to which your transformation efforts succeed:
  • Technology
  • Organizational Design
  • People
  • Leadership
  • Culture

Wrap-up: Closing Thoughts and Further Resources (10 minutes)

  • Key take-aways from the session; resources to explore further
  • What are some of the outstanding questions you have?