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Python—Beyond the Basics

Responsive code patterns and powerful frameworks

O’Reilly’s Boston Training Center, Boston, MA

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Imagine writing Python code more refreshingly readable, elegantly beautiful, and massively maintainable than ever before. Imagine crafting libraries and frameworks so powerful and accessible, other developers flock to reuse your code. Imagine being the Python expert on your team, whom other developers come to for advice.

And imagine learning it all in three days.

Join expert Pythonista Aaron Maxwell for a three-day immersive exploration of Python’s deeper capabilities. Taking place in the O’Reilly Boston Training Center, this course is for Python users who want to catapult their skills to the next level of proficiency.

Through a mix of live-coding-based instruction, realistic and illustrative examples, and dozens of hands-on programming assignments, you will quickly learn the features behind Python’s most popular libraries and frameworks—and how they multiply the quality and impact of your code. By the end of these three days, you’ll be able to wield these features so effortlessly that other developers will want to learn your secrets.

What you’ll learn—and how you can apply it

By the end of this live, hands-on course, you’ll understand:

  • How to write maintainable, readable, and expressive Python
  • The rich capabilities of Python’s object system
  • How to create more responsive and scalable Python software
  • The critical building blocks of the most popular Python frameworks… and how to build your own

And you’ll be able to:

  • Advise your teammates on potently powerful Python patterns and crucial best practices
  • Write compellingly crafted, highly effective, elegantly beautiful Python
  • Compose easy-to-use library interfaces, similar to popular frameworks like Flask, Django, Pandas, SQLAlchemy, and more
  • Write Python code that’s concise, readable, and highly maintainable
  • Develop remarkably robust and reliable Python code… dodging excruciating heisenbugs, and catching many errors before you ship
  • Create your own decorators, enabling patterns of code reuse that literally cannot be captured in any other way

This course is for you because…

  • You’re a web developer using Python, ready to slingshot your productivity… even extend your favorite framework
  • You’re a QA engineer who is sick and tired of repetitive testing code, and wants to automate at a higher level
  • You’re a data scientist ready to create expressive analysis tools, empowering you and your teammates
  • You’re a tech lead or engineering manager who wants to improve code reuse and organization in your team
  • You want to improve your Python knowledge to ace an interview or land that dream job
  • You’re a software engineer who cares about robust, reliable, and maintainable code… and wants to see a wider positive impact from your coding efforts
  • You feel you’ll benefit from deeply understanding the Python language and ecosystem, and how to use it to its fullest potential


  • Ability to write simple Python programs using lists and dictionaries
  • Familiarity with basic types (int, str, float, etc.)
  • Ability to write simple classes and work with Python objects
  • Experience using modules in the standard library

Materials or downloads needed in advance

To fully participate in this hands-on class, install either Python 3 (3.5 or later), or Python 2.7—Python 3 is recommended, but you will be able to do the programming exercises in either version. Since almost everything in the course applies to both versions, the class will be taught primarily using 3, pointing out where 2.7 is different as we go along. (Note that Python 3.x safely installs alongside Python 2, with no conflict; for example, the interpreter is named “python3” instead of “python”.)

You may use any Python-aware IDE or editor; Pycharm is one good choice. Before class starts, make sure you are able to open a Python interactive interpreter on the command line, and run simple programs (“python3”) both on the command line and in your IDE. On Windows, also place Python in your system path, if it is not already.


About your instructor

Aaron Maxwell

Aaron Maxwell is the author of Powerful Python: The Most Impactful Patterns, Features, And Development Strategies Modern Python Provides, and editor of the Powerful Python Newsletter. After a decade building the infrastructure and code for different Silicon Valley startups using a variety of languages—but mainly Python—he now travels widely to bring the most powerful secrets and best practices to Python developers around the world.

Course outline

  • Throughout each day:
    • Continual live-coding demonstrations by instructor
    • Ongoing Q&A throughout the class
    • Hands-on programming lab exercises nearly every hour, to immediately cement what you learn
  • Important: In this course, you will write code, and a LOT of it. Come prepared to practice what you learn.
  • Mastering iteration
    • Generators for efficient, scalable, well-encapsulated code
    • Understanding views, iterators, and iterables
  • Rich data structures via comprehensions
    • List comprehensions
    • Comprehensions and generators
  • Advanced object-oriented programming
    • Python properties
    • The factory pattern in Python
    • The observer pattern
    • Extending Python syntax with magic methods
  • Powerful function abstractions
    • Variable arguments and argument unpacking
    • Function objects and key functions
    • Richly generic programming patterns
  • Code and module organization
  • Decorators
    • Writing decorators: Basic design patterns
    • Decorators taking arguments
    • Using decorators to build libraries and frameworks
  • Optional topics (depending on available time and student interest)
    • Test-driven development (unittest)
    • Exceptions and error handling
    • Concurrency in Python


The course will be held at the O’Reilly Boston Training Center: 2 Avenue de Lafayette, 6th floor, Boston, MA 02111

Lunch will be provided.

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