In-Person Training

Storymapping the User Experience

Engineering products that engage

December 8 & 9, 2016

9:00am – 5:00pm EST

O’Reilly’s Boston Training Center, Boston, MA

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What does a great experience have in common with a great story? Everything. Translating complex concepts into simple, powerful narratives can help you more effectively imagine and evaluate your products, campaigns, content, and features—before committing to expensive pixels and code. Developing a product with an experience that engages, influences, and inspires can be a daunting task—but the art of crafting a compelling story is easily learned.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how simple storytelling techniques can transform your next idea, product, campaign, or strategy from good to great. Whether you’re creating something from scratch or optimizing it for conversion, activation, or engagement, mapping the story first will help you determine how to envision and develop something people not only love to use, but also rely on and recommend often.

This workshop features a mix of lecture and hands-on group exercises and activities. Participants will leave having created three different types of story maps and will be able to immediately start applying the techniques they learn to their work.

What you’ll learn—and how you can apply it

By the end of this live, hands-on course, you’ll understand:

  • How and why story structure governs how we think about and use successful products
  • How to apply story structure to digital products to increase buy-in and customer engagement
  • How to use narrative architecture to map conceptual models and customer journeys

And you’ll be able to:

  • Craft simple, powerful business, product, and customer stories that inspire your target audience
  • Define and refine your product’s core value proposition
  • Evaluate the product-market fit as it relates to audience engagement
  • Identify how and why people will discover, use, pay for, and get excited about your product
  • Map out strategies to get people to adopt, rely on, and evangelize your product

This course is for you because…

  • You’re a product owner, designer, content or marketing strategist, team leader, or entrepreneur who builds products, services, or campaigns that people engage with.
  • You want to develop and launch successful ideas, products, features, and campaigns that excite people (stakeholders and users) and move them to action.
  • You need a lightweight, fast, and portable way to collaborate with your team, stakeholders, and even users so you can more effectively generate bullet-proof product ideas, prototypes, and builds.

Prerequisites and requirements

There is no assumed knowledge for this workshop. All you need to create an effective story for your product, business, and users is a pen, paper, and willingness to experiment, along with a basic understanding of how story works and how it can be applied to building successful products.

About your instructor

Donna Lichaw

Donna Lichaw is the author of The User’s Journey: Storymapping Products That People Love. Through her writing, speaking, and much-loved Storymapping Workshop, Donna guides startups, nonprofits, and global brands in optimizing their digital products and services by providing them with a simplified way to drive user engagement. Utilizing her ‘story first’ approach, she helps organizations define and refine their value proposition, transform their thinking, and better engage with their core customers.

Recognized as a thought leader in storytelling and customer engagement strategies, Donna has presented as a keynote speaker at design and technology conferences in the US, Canada, and Europe. She has also taught courses at New York University, Northwestern University, The School of Visual Arts, and Parsons School of Design/The New School. Prior to her career in technology, she refined her talent for storytelling and narrative development as an award-winning documentary filmmaker.


Lunches will be provided.

  • Day One: Morning
  • Introductions and overview of goals for the day
  • How stories work (and how they apply to product development)
  • Product definition: Mapping your product’s concept story
    • Setting the foundation for customer engagement
    • Defining, refining, and bulletproofing your product’s core value proposition
    • Identifying your key target audience behavior, goals, metrics, and KPIs
    • Clarifying actionable business goals, metrics, and KPIs
  • Day One: Afternoon
  • Conversion: Mapping your customer’s origin story
    • Identifying paths towards product discovery and new customer acquisition, activation, and conversion
    • Pinpointing messaging, content, and features that will resonate with your target market and call them into action
  • Product development: Mapping the customer journey
    • Inventorying journeys and flows with an eye toward customer engagement and key business goals/metrics
    • Choosing which content, features, and ideas to include/exclude
    • Assessing priority, feasibility, weaknesses, and opportunities around how your product can—and should—ideally work
  • Day Two: Morning
  • Finding your story: research, data, and analytics
    • How to use real data to find and measure stories in your product
    • Mapping stories from user research and customer interviews
    • Mapping stories from quantitative data and web analytics
  • Developing your story: features, content, and requirements
    • How to use your stories to generate, assess, and prioritize features, content, and requirements
    • Transforming your strategic storymaps into product roadmaps
  • Day Two: Afternoon
  • Developing your story: ideation, sketching, and prototyping
    • Applying three modes of rapid prototyping and ideation to envision, test, and communicate your story to your target audience: writing, sketching, and live-action improvisation
    • Transforming your stories into paper, clickable, and code-based prototypes and demos
    • Testing the validity and feasibility of your stories
  • Using your story
    • Using story to present your work (and get better buy-in)
    • How story development fits into your project lifecycles
    • Case studies
  • Rules of thumb and guiding principles


The course will be held at the O’Reilly Boston Training Center: 2 Avenue de Lafayette, 6th floor, Boston, MA 02111

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